30 Before 30–Update

Last year I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I was 30. Since I just reached that milestone last Friday, I wanted to share an update on what items I crossed of the lists, and which ones are still on my radar.


Home (1/2)

I had 2 items in this category. One was to finish a room in our house. since we moved in last year, we have done little things here and there, but never truly concentrated in one room. Ryan and I put a lot of effort into our bathroom and I can happily say it’s 95% percent done. The only things missing are a couple of decorations, so nothing major.


Unfortunately, I was never able to build my garden. Even though I started the seeds, the weekends just got too busy for us and, before we knew it, summer was here and it was too late to get a garden started. Hopefully next year!


Health (4/5)

All of these items were a time commitment. I would actually count all 5 as done, but one of the races wasn’t really what I planned. I originally wanted to run a 5K and have a personal best on it. Even though I did participate in a 5K, it was the Color Run, so not a race you really race, but more like have fun. I did however, PR in my 10K and ran two half-marathons when I had only really planned to run 1.


With all the training, I reached my goal of 500 miles in June and the yoga once a week definitely helped me with recovery. Not done every single week, but pretty close.



Food (4/5)

The only only one I didn’t do was pasta from scratch, but I definitely still want to do it! I’ve been looking at ravioli and gnocchi recipes.  I did make chocolate mousse from scratch which was amazing and different dessert recipes each month. Check out my desserts page to take a peak at some of them.

Dessert per Month

I also started wine journal,  which was pretty fun and had friends over for a dinner party. Can’t wait to do another one soon!


Travel (3/4)

This one was almost going to be 2 out of 4, but my family came to the rescue! As part of  their birthday surprise, we went to see the Marlins play at the Cubs, which was super fun. Check! I also got to travel to Kansas City and Chicago to stay with some friends and touched the Pacific Ocean. One of the best trips ever!

pacific ocean

The only one I wasn’t able to check off my list was climbing a mountain. In all fairness, it’s hard to do that in Iowa, but it’s still in my plans. Hopefully, Ryan and I can plan a weekend getaway this fall…


Entertainment (3/4)

So apparently I can’t read as fast as I would like to. I just have too many other hobbies to attend to. I did read 8 out of the 10 books I set out for and am currently reading my 9th. Catch 22 is a bit longer than I anticipated. Nonetheless, I count this one as done because I definitely upped the number of books I previously read. Up next, I’m moving straight to the Harry Potter series again.

Books Read

Earlier in the year I got to try out some kickball at Ryan’s high school reunion. Can’t say I was horrible, but not the best either. Finally, this past weekend, I went to see Aretha Franklin in concert, technically the day after turning 30, but I’m still counting it!


Personal (3/7)

So I need to work on this one. Things I didn’t do: learn sign language, find a church, organize my PR book and update my resume. Things I did do: started a journal (feels kinda weird, but really good at the same time) and got life insurance.



Giving (3/3)

Yeay! I finished a category! I was able to surprise a lot of people with little unexpected gifts here and there. Also, definitely took Boone for more walks than I used to, even though we had to take a little post-surgery break. And I donated blood and keep getting calls from the Red Cross to keep donating.




Honestly, checking off 21 things is not too bad, considering how many of them involved a weekly commitment. Definitely feel a sense of accomplishment looking back at everything I did last year. I will be keeping a list of “things to do” every year because having it made me get out there and get things done. While previously I would’ve postponed a yoga session, a walk with Boone or a trip, now I had to be accountable for it, so I had no excuses. First things on the list, the items I didn’t get done this year….

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