One more house project in the works

Well this weekend was exhausting! Ryan and I spent pretty much from Friday afternoon to Sunday working on our wooden floors. We decided to refinish our floors which were very much in need of some love. A very arduous task, but it’s already pretty rewarding. We spent all of Friday afternoon cleaning out the rooms and prepping the floors. It felt like we were moving all over again. Needless to say, our kitchen, dining room and basement (aka our temporary bedroom/living room) are a mess.

Before Floors

Saturday it was sanding time, so with all our gear we got to work. Ryan manned the random orbit sander, while I worked on corner and edges with the palm sander. One thing we found out: our floor is not very level and whoever has refinished it before did a sloppy job. I was so tired and our house was such a mess that I think we ate out for every meal. Fail.

Geared Up

Sunday was dedicated to cleanup and staining. We got some fans to ventilate the house and I cleaned some more while Ryan stained. Since after staining, it’s just a waiting game, we took a much needed rest.

Stain In

To celebrate all our hard work, we rewarded ourselves with some ice-cream, also since it was National Ice-Cream Day yesterday. By the way, Blue Bunny’s Cookies N Cream ice cream is amazing.

National Ice Cream Day

Have a good week!

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