Refinishing Wood Floors: Part 2

Our project is getting closer and closer to completion. Yey!!!! right now we’re working on painting and reinstalling the baseboards and quarter round. Hope to be done with this project very very soon.

On Part 1, I discussed how we sanded and prepped our floors. Today, I’ll be going over how we stained and sealed our precious wood floors. Most of the work was done by Ryan because technically it’s a one man job, but I was there to assist and feed him. So it works out.

floor closeup

We used Minwax wood stain in Provincial. We also had some gloves and paper towels handy. Ryan also had on a respirator mask to minimize the fumes.

stain materials

To apply the satin we used hand held staining pads (kinda look like sponges) and cleaned off the excess with the mop/sponge (in the picture above).

stain tray

We only applied one coat because we liked the finish, but you can definitely do more than one.

first pass

Dry time is about 8 hours, so after that I went ahead and got ready for a few steps in the future and taped off the baseboards. Gotta use my time efficiently!


To seal the stain we used Minwax’s Ultimate Floor Finish in Semi-Gloss. Even though it was a pricier option, it had a lot of ups. These included: non-ambering, no sanding between coats and a two hour dry time. It turned out to be fairly odorless and we ended up loving it.

Minwax Ultimate Floor Finish

We applies the stain with a Microfiber roller (on the right) and it was a breeze.

finish materials

Once we gave it enough time to cure (overnight), we were ready to start on the next step: finish up the details. But more on that later.

Poly done

For now, have a great weekend!

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