Almost there, finishing the rooms

Good morning! Yesterday, Ryan and I finally moved back into our room upstairs! After working on the floors all weekend and then on the finishing touches for the following two weeks (on and off), we finally finished.

The last steps involved getting the baseboards and quarter rounds painted. First we taped off all the floors and walls to pain the baseboards.

Protecting with Tape

Three coats of white and done.

Paint Baseboards

We were not really planning on painting the walls when we first started the project, but given that we already had all the supplies and all the furniture was gone from the rooms, we ended up going ahead and painting the rooms. Since we had just done the floors, we put painter’s plastic over the whole floor. Didn’t want any spills.

Plastic all over

Two coats of paint and done.

Paint Walls

Next, we painted all the quarter rounds. Three more coats and done.

Paint Quarter Rounds

After nailing them in place, we followed by some more quick touchup with paint to hide the nails.

Install Quarter Round

Installed the AC vents, outlets, doors, etc back in place and the rooms are ready to move back in

Install Vents

Since we took everything out of the rooms, I’m using this time to go through all of our stuff again and get rid off/donate all the things we don’t use, need or want anymore.

Next up, wall décor. Finally!

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