First Trimester Ramblings

So, I’m going to be going off the usual path for a little bit. Once thing they don’t talk about pregnancy is how exhausted you feel for the first weeks. My usual routine has been flipped upside down and I’ find myself scrambling for time and inspiration. Obviously, this new step in my life will come with changes, that hopefully I’ll be sharing with you. Just a fair warning, pardon my random posting times and ramblings, I’m hoping to get things back to normal-ish soon.

With that said, I wanted to share some of the first trimester shenanigans. I must say, that Ryan and I were very lucky to get pregnant in such a short amount of time, only a few months. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to keep trying for years. Even when we had just started and not really trying, it was still a little disappointing when the at-home tests came out negative. Especially leading up to Mother’s Day and all the ads/commercials about it.

The pregnancy and ovulation tests can be quite pricey. To ease my mind a little, I bought these strips online which were cheap and highly rated, so I didn’t mind testing multiple times(highly recommend these if you’re trying). Once, I got a positive, I just backed up with the over-the-counter at home tests to double check.

Anyways, I ended up finding out during our British Virgin Islands Trip. I only had one test left, so I just went with it. I told Ryan right away when he came back from his fishing trip. I think we were more in shock than excitement, that came later. Although I would have preferred to have known before the trip, the timing could not have been better because I was able to tell my family in person. The first one to know was Hanna. I volunteered as tribute to take her to the taxi stand, since she was taking off that day, and told her on the way. After a little stumble and a gasp, she got quite excited. Didn’t tell the rest of my family until that night. I had all these plans of how I was going to tell them before, but that went out the window when I found out so last minute. For the rest f the trip, the little baby to be got named after every island we visited.

Day we found out

The first few weeks went by pretty seamless, but I did find out quite early so symptoms were still developing. Made an appointment with the OBGYN to take the actual blood test and confirm that I was in fact harboring a little alien in my belly. My routine was the usual: working, running, cooking, cleaning, etc. Until the symptoms started to show up at about week 7. The first and most prevalent symptom I had was exhaustion. They really don’t prepare you for it. I was falling asleep at work, taking naps four times a day, going to bed super early, taking a nap right after having breakfast. It was bad.

Then came the nausea. Although I never got sick, I just had to eat constantly to keep from feeling bad. Add this to the tiredness, and I just felt completely worthless around the house. No cooking, cleaning, exercising, crafting, nothing. I was kinda like a zombie. Being active definitely helped, but I just preferred to be laying down on the couch.

You know how I said no cooking? Well, the though of cooking, cutting veggies, raw meat, just made me nauseous. I could eat anything just fine, but just not prepare it myself. Needless to say, we ate out a lot and I caved and bought a lot of easy pre-made frozen meals, which I seldom do. I felt helpless. Plus, you keep thinking that everything you do will eventually affect the baby and his/her development. It’s all on you, but you can’t muster the energy to put a lot of effort into it. For example, I know I should’ve been eating my veggies, but takeout pizza was so much easier to stomach and effortless. I have been taking my prenatal vitamins though.


Talking about pizza, I could eat cheese for every single meal if you let me.

The symptoms have definitely subsided and I have cooked a homemade meal every night this week. Yay! Things are getting back on track. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up on crafts when we get done with the never ending upstairs project we’ve been working on (floors and painting). Almost done though!

Sorry for my rambling again, it turned out to be waaayy longer than expected. Nonetheless, have a great weekend!

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