Pregnancy Update: First Trimester

Good morning and Happy Friday! So, I’m probably going to start doing weekly updates of the ins and outs of my pregnancy and thought maybe I should do a recap of how it’s been so far. I did touch up on it a little bit on my Ramblings post, but thought I should go with a set structure from here on out. so here it goes.

Baby Size

From the size of a lentil on week 6 to the size of a lime on week 12. Since finding out I was pregnant, I was up about 2 pounds, but by the end I felt soooo bloated. I seriously thought I had gained more than that, but apparently it’s just my body changing shape. My love handles are expanding and my stomach just looks swollen.

wk 08wk 12

Daily Activity

At the beginning, I was able to keep going with my regular routine of running, weight training and yoga, plus working around the house and being active in general. At around week 7, things started to change. My energy level went way down, if it even existed, and taking naps took priority to exercising. I just felt beat up! Needless to say, housework got pushed back a little as well. When I did make it out for a walk or yoga, it felt good to get moving, but then it was right back to falling asleep wherever I was. I’m sure car rides with me weren’t too exciting for Ryan.

At the end of the first trimester, we started working on the floors and painting. Talk about feeling useless. That first weekend I took a nap about every two hours because I just couldn’t keep moving any longer.

Nap time


Other than my exhaustion, I did experience bouts of breakouts, tender breasts and mood swings. Going from tired to energized, from super happy to a ball of anxiousness and everything in between.

At the beginning I was fine eating anything, but by the end I couldn’t even stand the thought of prepping a fresh meal. Veggies and fruits went into the wayside, and combined with my exhaustion, easting out or frozen pizza became the dinner of choice. I’ve always taken pride in home cooking, so this actually felt devastating to me. I kinda felt useless for a while there. Hated eggs. Nothing ever seemed appetizing unless it had cheese. I could eat all the cheese available if I could. The baby needs calcium right?

Morning sickness is a real thing too, and an all day thing at that. I was eating all day long to keep the nausea away. Thankfully, I never actually got sick, but just felt queasy all the time. Wheat Thins and peppermint discs became my favorite friend. Nights were actually the worse. I felt like a real winner eating three crackers right before bed, sometimes even in bed, to keep the nausea at bay during the night.

Telling friends and family

We pretty much told our immediate family right away, the day off in my case. We waited to tell close friends and relatives until a little while later. To be honest, it was kinda bittersweet letting so many people know. On one hand, we would have the support and prayers from those closest to us, but on the other hand, it wasn’t  our little secret to cherish anymore. Like it lost some specialness. Obviously that wore off and I couldn’t be more excited to be be able to share this experience with loved ones.


Although we really haven’t bought anything for the baby, we have received a few gifts from family. The first one was from my dad: a wooden train and block set. He wanted to make sure the first set of trains and blocks came from grandpa. My little sister also sent me a set of books, which are adorable. A blanket and teddy from Ryan’s parents.

I’ve been using Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter to prevent stretch marks and a Prenatal from Nature Made to get all the nutrients we need.

Gifts for Baby


Going to the OBGYN on or 12 week appointment and hearing the baby’s heartbeat: 157! For comparison, mine was at 70. It was so reassuring to know for a fact that I did have a growing baby in my belly. A huge sigh of relief. Also, Ryan was pretty amazed and his face told the whole story.  I was a nervous wreck before the appointment and kept thinking of what my dad told me: there’s no point in being anxious because that fear in the future is not warranted (super abridged version). After the appointment, I was both excited and in a state of oh-my-god-this-is-really-happening shock. We stopped to get ice cream on our way back to work to celebrate.


Next Friday, I’ll share with you a recap of weeks 13-15. For now, have a wonderful weekend!

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