Catching Fish, Eating Fish

Good morning! How was your weekend? Hopefully it went fantastic. I sure can’t complain about mine since I spent it with my two favorite guys, Ryan and Boone. Friday after work, I stopped by the store to pick up a little treat for Boone. He’s been getting bored with his toys lately, so it was time for a fresh one. He got is out of the packaging himself, too.

Give a dog a bone

After some time playing and dinner, we went on a walk and he was kinda beat when we got back. Laid down for a quick nap right away. The rest of the night we just laid on the couch and watched the end of Game of Thrones. Too bad that with the author’s track record, we might have to wait years for the next one…


Saturday, we had an early morning call. Ryan wanted to go fishing, and once his alarm went off, I was wide awake. I took care of Boone, while he got everything ready. Once we got out there, the sunrise was just gorgeous.

wake up call

If you’re wondering why my hair looks so amazing, well that’s because we woke up at 5 am, so I wasn’t in the mood to do anything with myself.


Turned out to be a pretty good trip though. We caught about 17 keeper perch, and then some tiny baby bass, walleye, blue gill and smaller perch.


We got back early enough to swing by the Farmer’s Market. We needed to get some local honey, to help with Boone’s allergies, and checked out some of the produce. Look at the variety of oyster mushrooms. We ended up with some to eat with our perch for dinner.

farmers market mushrooms

Then, there was only one thing left to do: napping. Even better, napping while watching golf. I can blame it on hanging out with the boys during college, but there’s nothing more relaxing than watching golf and taking a nap on weekends. I might have done this exact same thing on Sunday.

nap time

Once we woke up, it was time for a sweet treat. I mixed some frozen strawberries, banana, yogurt, honey and almond milk in a blender until nice and thick and ate this concoction with a spoon. Perfect afternoon snack.


Then, Ryan went out fishing for the rest of the night, while I made my rounds through Joann Fabrics and Target. I’m planning on making a baby quilt, so wish me luck!

fabric store

Sunday was pretty low key. We went around checking out lumber for out bed frame and took some naps while watching golf. Cleaned the house a bit, drafted my picks for Fantasy Football and then it was dinner time. The fried perch and oyster mushrooms were delicious.

fish fry dinner

We watched  a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black, and then bedtime.

Hope you have a great week!

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