Pregnancy Update: Weeks 13-15

Hello hello! So, it’s time for another update. This time from Weeks 13 to 15. I just turned 16 weeks today, so it’s basically from the weeks prior. If you want a recap of my first trimester, head on over here.

Baby Size

From the size of a pea pod on week 13 to the size of an apple on week 15. I am up about 4 pounds since before being pregnant, and it’s all in my tummy. I officially have to wear all jeans with my button open. Just holding them together with a hair tie, classy.

wk 13wk 15

Daily Activity

I’ve been getting a lot better. Taking more walks with Boone, doing strength at least once a week, yoga once a week and just moving around in the weekends. Also, I’ve been trying to get up from my chair at work and take little walking breaks. Sitting for 10 hours straight is not good for anybody. There are still days that I would rather lay on the couch after work or take a two hour nap in the weekends. I’m not completely energized, but my fatigue is not as debilitating as it was. Also figured out that to avoid tiredness headaches, it’s best for me to go to bed just before 9pm. I do wake up at 5:30am, so it’s alright.

chillaxing after our walk


The morning sickness has gone away, but I still get waves of nausea every so often. They also come unannounced. Before, I could tell that I was getting hungry and the nausea would start creeping in. Now I can go from being totally fine to hacking in no time at all. At least once a day.

For some reason, thinking about raw chicken or eggs still repulses me. The other day, Ryan had to cut and cook some chicken for me cause I just couldn’t stand the thought of it. Weird. But, I still have been able to cook for almost every dinner, with some weekend exceptions. Breakfast is still on a day to day basis.

Headaches were pretty much a constant for two weeks. One Saturday morning, Ryan was going fishing and I really wanted to go, but my headache was just not letting me do anything. I actually felt so helpless that I ended up curling in my bed with Boone and crying. Ryan talked me through it and I was able to unenthusiastically get dressed and head out the door. Once we were out there, I felt much better.

The pain on my lower back has slowly being going away too. Maybe I needed more rest, or maybe I needed to move around more. Who knows?


Does Boone know I’m pregnant? I highly doubt it. He still plops right in front of me to snuggle. Ryan seems to think that he senses something because lately his jealousy towards us has been ramping up. He gets kinda frantic when I pay attention to Ryan and not him. I think it’s just his usual awry self.  

Stopped by Motherhood & Maternity and Target to check out their maternity jeans. Bought some items from both stores, but I know I’ll be returning some as well. Just need to try them out at home with a variety of shirts to see if they’ll really work.

A coworker handed me a box full of maternity items (belly supports, pants, camis). It was awesome!

maternity items

During week 14, I went through a little depression phase. I think it was due to my first trimester symptoms subsiding and the headaches. I was just flooded with doubts. This past week though, my belly has decided to make a presence, so any doubts have pretty much gone out the window. I’m sure this feeling will come and go throughout the pregnancy.

Sleeping with two pillow now. I kept waking up during the night due to a strained neck and the two pillows have let me sleep comfortably. I can sleep with my back a little propped up, which seems to be the most comfortable position for now, until the belly weight becomes too much.


No real highlights this week, but I’m definitely excited to go to our next prenatal appointment next Wednesday. Feels like forever ago when we first heard the baby’s heartbeat.

so happy to be back

This weekend our best friends are staying over. She’s also pregnant, so I’m sure we’ll be babbling non-stop about everything. Plus, we already made plans to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and satisfy a craving we both have. Yumm!

Have a fun weekend! 

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