Initial Embroidery with Beads

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! I’m happy to report that I finally finished stage 1 of one of the projects I’ve been working on for a while and had to put on the side due to lack of energy. But, I’m back in the game! Sort of.

I wanted to make some embroidery work for a while. Finally bit the bullet and with some info, I was able to create my first bead embroidery project and I am super happy about how it turned out. Although the design changed a little due to time constraints, I’m still super happy with the result. Here’s how I made my last name initial ‘A’ with bead embroidery.

Letter Bead Embroidery


  • embroidery loop
  • fabric, I used linen
  • needle, super thin needle
  • seed beads
  • stencil or printout of design
  • thread
  • scissor
  • pencil or fabric pencil
  • ruler

Letter Embroidery materials

Use the ruler to center your design in the piece of fabric chosen. Trace cutout design or stencil to fabric with fabric pencil.

Letter Embroidery stencil

Place fabric in embroidery hoop and make sure it’s tight.

Letter Embroidery hoop

Double thread your needle and pass from back to front on any edge of the design. It’s actually better if it’s not right in a corner.

Letter Embroidery step one

Thread three seed beads through needle.

Letter Embroidery step two

Move all the way in and taught. Pass needle front to back right at the end of the bead sequence.

Letter Embroidery step three

Come back through the beginning of the last three bead sequence. In the pic below, I’m showing the second sequence so you can see what it’ll look like most of the time.

Letter Embroidery step four

Pass needle through the last three beads once more, making a loop. This holds them down in place and allows for seamless continuation of beads.

Letter Embroidery step five

Thread three more beads and start sequence again. Three beads – front to back at end – back to front at beginning – through last three beads – new three beads

Letter Embroidery step six

Over and over again until you’re reaching the end.

Letter Embroidery finishing

For the end, you might not need three beads or you might need more. Check to see how many you would need and thread accordingly.

Letter Embroidery last beads

Before moving the needle to the back, thread through the first one or two beads of the design.

Letter Embroidery close gap

Then, pass the needle to the back and knot securely.

Letter Embroidery end

You’re loop is now closed.

Letter Embroidery outline

By passing the needle through those first beads, you ensure that the last bead doesn’t turn into the fabric.

Letter Embroidery complete

One trick I learned to make it easier to keep beads tight and in a straight line is to make it to place your needle in between the two threads when going front to back. If you look at the complete letter you can tell the difference from the left edge and right edge (the one I used this trick on).

Letter Embroidery trick

Remove the fabric from the loop and iron as needed. Now it’s ready for the next step: pillow, canvas, blanket, purse, etc.

Letter Embroidery how to

I might be making a pillow with mine.

Have a great day!

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