Decorative Pillow with Piping

Remember that embroidered initial I had shared with you, well it found it’s final resting place. I used the fabric to make a decorative pillow for the nursery. I originally wanted to put tassels on it, but that idea got discarded. So, then I decided to put some piping around it and still make it a removable pillow cover in case I wanted to fill in the letter at some point, which I still want to do.

Granted, I’ve never made or used piping before, so I used my intuition, creativeness and logic to make it work. By no means is it professional or how you’re actually supposed to do it (I’m actually not sure about how you’re supposed to actually do it), but it worked for me.

Decorative Pillow Cover with Piping

Materials needed:

  • pillow form, 18”x18”
  • fabric of choice, 17”x17” for initial/front side, 17”x15” and 17”x 6” for back
  • 4”x68” fabric for piping
  • piping, I used thick yarn
  • thread, scissors, pins
  • sewing machine, with regular, piping and zipper foot

Decorative Pillow with Piping materials

First up, sew the backside fabric on one side to create a nice seam for the opening. To do this, fold long edge in half an inch and press flat. Refold and press flat. Sew shut with about 1/4” inch seam allowance.

Decorative Pillow with Piping back seams

Next up, create your piping. With the piping foot on the machine, sandwich the yarn in the folded strip of 4”x68” and feed through. The piping foot will sew just along the yarn, creating a “tube’ for it. After this was done, I trimmed the excess fabric to 1/2” from sewing line, since this would be my seam allowance for the pillow.

Decorative Pillow with Piping piping

Next, assemble you pillow for sewing. Lay out the front fabric with the right side up. Line up the piping around the perimeter with the piping side in and pin into place. When closing the loop, cut the excess piping off and fold a piece of extra fabric over it, enclosing the seam. Line up the backsides and pin into place with the right sides in.

Decorative Pillow with Piping join piping

Sew all along the edges with a 1/2” seam allowance careful in the corners to not sew over the piping. I rounded my corners off, so it was quite tricky.

Decorative Pillow with Piping sew around

Remove all pins and turn cover inside out. Press one more time if desired.

Decorative Pillow with Piping inside out

Place pillow insert inside. It’ll be pretty snug, the final pillow size will be about 16.5”x16.5” is using my measurements for fabrics, making the pillow nice and full.

Decorative Pillow with Piping

At least Boone approves!


  1. What’s the piping part?!

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