Pregnancy Update: Weeks 18 & 19

It’s Friday! What am I excited for this weekend? Celebrating a friend’s wedding back in our alma mater, Iowa State! I plan on eating my way trough all my college favorites. Hope Ryan is up for the ride…

Also, I am 20 weeks pregnant today! Half way, I can’t believe it. Due date is just creeping closer and closer. Ahhhh!

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Baby Size

From the size of a bell pepper on week 18 to the size of a heirloom tomato on week 19. I am up about 6.5 pounds since before being pregnant. I didn’t gain much weight this past couple of weeks, but my belly has definitely started to come out like Pinocchio’s nose. I was actually shocked, and a little scared, when I weighed myself.

wk 18wk 19

Daily Activity

I’ve been working out 3-4 days a week and listening to my body when it just wants to do nothing. I usually don’t do an actual workout in the weekends, but I’m rarely sedentary, always moving around. The weekday that by body says no to exercise, it’s usually because I’m busy with other projects around the house and I at least take Boone out and play with him. Overall, pretty active and feeling good about it. This week I also started a workout challenge with my little sister and I’m definitely sore from it, which feels nice.

yoga stretch


No bad symptoms, woohoooo! My energy levels have been up and my mood has been way better. Ryan definitely appreciates it.

The only struggle right now is finding a good sleep balance. I find that if I go to bed too early, I sleep rest more but wake up during the night a ton. On the other hand, if I go to bed later, I’m knocked out right away, but don’t get enough rest. So, still working on figuring this one out.

No pain recently, but I think it might be because I’m more active. Doctor said that it might be the sciatic nerve getting pinched and suggested stretching, heat pads and massages. Ryan better get on it!

Pregnancy brain: definitely real. I’m convinced. The other day I was working on something and completely hammered my index finger. On the upside, my hormones have been doing their work and I didn’t break my nail, but I did slice my finger open. All good now!


Upgraded my PJs to Ryan’s t-shirts. They are way comfier and roomier, so I’m sabotaging his dresser.

Got my flu shot for the first time ever in my life…

Baby is moving a lot more. I’m feeling the little movement more often now. It had slowed down to just morning, but now it’s everyday. Still, not strong enough for Ryan to feel it.

On a side note, I’m addicted to chips and salsa and to sweets. Can’t have enough.

We also bought the baby a crib and crib set. It might be a little early, but I just didn’t want to pass on the sales…

circo crib set

Baby also got a couple of sweet gifts from friends and family. My sister’s best friend sent us a Witten (Dallas Cowboys tight end) jersey which is just adorable, and my aunt sent me some bath soaps and lotions as well as some toys.

baby witten


We had our sonogram appointment last Monday and it was the best thing ever. Seeing the little baby on the screen, with all it’s limbs moving around like a maniac definitely made it more real for me and gave me the calmness/reassurance that I’ve been waiting for. We had some great visuals and pictures to take home. According to the doctor, everything looks perfect and the baby is actually 2 days more mature than the projected due date. The little heart beat was going at 146, which is another amazing thing to see onscreen. Weight: 11 ounces, so tiny!! I’m already in love with my precious little cargo.

my baby foot

Ultrasounds are also when you find out the sex of the baby. Ryan wants to, but I’m still hesitant. So we had them write it down in an envelope for us, in case I change my mind later on. I almost said yes, when they were showing us the baby move around, but I stayed strong. It’s kinda weird because I hate surprises, I’m definitely a planner through and through, but I just don’t want to know just yet…

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

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