Storage Queen Bed Frame Progress

The weekend is upon us! Before we get too excited, I want to remind you to look up at the sky this Sunday evening. There’ll be a total lunar eclipse and blood moon going on. Ryan and I saw a blood moon last month, which was pretty impressive. This one is supposed to be the best of all the best because it’ll happen when the Moon is closest to Earth, making it a super moon. So, here’s to clear skies and an awesome show!

Anyways, we are almost finished with our new storage bed. I didn’t take a ton of progress pictures because Ryan worked on it mainly after work while I took care of the house and our stomachs. He’s not mad about it. All we have left to do is staining and sealing it, which I can’t help with at all. Gotta keep the fumes away from the baby.

It all started when we upgraded from a full bed to a queen mattress. Well, we obviously needed a new bed frame, but we’re ever really impressed with the quality or prices of ready-made ones. Ryan is always looking for a new project, so we decided to make our own. Was it cheap? No, but way less than a solid oak one would’ve cost at the furniture store. Was it easy? Yes and no. We complicated it a bit by adding storage drawers on either side, but that’s when Ryan and his design skills come in. It definitely was a lot of work.

We got all of our materials from Menards. They had an awesome Labor Day sale and we got all the oak we needed for 40% off. Can’t beat that. As far as tools go, we had most of them already and just borrowed what we needed from his dad.

Menards sales

With a design and measurements in mind, we got to working. First we had to prepare some of the wood to fit our needs. We glue lamed three pieces of 1×3 oak for our posts.

Storage Queen Bed Frame oak

First, spread wood glue generously on one side. Nothing like some Gorilla glue.

Storage Queen Bed Frame glue lam

Sandwich together and secure with a brad nailer and dry completely before sanding and cutting.

Storage Queen Bed Frame brad nails

Then, we cut all the pieces we needed for the frame and used a kreg jig where screws were going to be needed.

Storage Queen Bed Frame pieces ready

Off to assembly. every connecting piece got some glue and was attached with the kreg jig. Finally we had the frame for the storage sides.

Storage Queen Bed Frame storage frame

Then we assembled the footboard and headboards together. All the framing, except the posts, was done with dimensional lumber. We wanted the bed to look good, but not break out backs. It’s still incredibly heavy and I can’t even slide it across the floor. Which I should note, we put blankets on the floor to protect them from any scratching… All the pieces join together at horizontal support beams and then screwed into place. This way, we can move the bed in the future.

Storage Queen Bed Frame foot and head boards

Time for some oak trimming! Every single inch of bed that would be exposed got a piece of trim.

Storage Queen Bed Frame oak trim

We also put together the pieces for the foot rest and back rest.

Storage Queen Bed Frame oak decorations

Boone and I helped Ryan with everything up to this point. This was two days work and I was beat. Yes, we had to put Boone’s bed in the closet so he could be in the same room with us and be at peace.

Storage Queen Bed Frame supervising

Ryan made the drawers with some pine plywood for the supports and base, and with oak plywood on the face. We also got the slides on sale at Menards.

Storage Queen Bed Frame drawers

The first drawer took him a bit to make, but he was a pro by the end.

Storage Queen Bed Frame drawer

Finally, it was time for me to sand everything down.

Storage Queen Bed Frame

In a few more days, we should have a whole new bed!!!

The final dimension are:

  • 65” wide x 84” long
  • 40” tall backrest, short enough to go under our windows
  • 24”x24”x7” drawers


  1. Wow, that’s quite a project! Looking great so far! I like the design and love all the extra storage built into the bed.

    I am co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty link party this month and would love to have you stop by for a visit. The door is open through tonight (Monday) or catch the next party starting Friday at midnight.

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