Pregnancy Update: Weeks 20 & 21

Time is flying by! Can’t believe that only two weeks ago, Ryan and I were seeing our baby move on the monitor for the very first time. It’s been truly incredible and I feel like that was ages ago. Specially cause the little one has recently decided to keep moving all the time, which is actually very comforting for my piece of mind. Now that we finished our queen storage bed, we can finally start working on the nursery. Things are getting real!

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Baby Size

Baby’s growing and so is my belly! From the size of a banana on week 20 to the size of a carrot on week 21. I am up about 11.2 pounds since before being pregnant, kinda ramped up a little bit there. Belly is definitely getting bigger, but I don’t feel heavy yet. Honestly, I sometimes forget it’s there at all. The larger size is also noticeable when the baby decides to move to one side of the belly. This happened the other day when I was sleeping and by belly had shifted all the way to the left. Still kinda weird.

wk 20wk 21

Daily Activity

Keeping up with my 3-4 days a week workouts. Recently, I’ve taken Boone on more walks. Getting outside feels awesome. When I need to do strength, I’ve been working out in my backyard so Boone gets his workout in as well. Now that it’s not hot in the afternoon, he definitely enjoys his time outside much more. Haven’t felt super tired or exhausted this past two weeks, but it takes some motivation to get some housework done during the weekdays.

strength and fetch


I definitely feel like I have a jungle gym in there, plus Ryan has finally been able to feel it move more often now. It’s still pretty soft from the outside, but believe me, it’s moving.

Every so often I still get a back ache, but it’s mainly the days when I’m moving all over the place, cleaning the house, going up and down the stairs. Basically, anything that would make anybody sore otherwise.

I do feel bloated more often, so it’s been harder to chug down all the water I need to in a day. Definitely feeling fuller a lot easier, but still super hungry.


Got a whole bunch of stuff from Ryan’s parents, including this horse.

horsing around

We had family over and their kid was playing with one of the toys that had a set of five balls. Boone had a good old time fetching them and trying to steal them from the toy. We also think he kinda figured out how to work it. I’m seeing a lot of broken plastic balls in our future, plus a lot of replacements.

kid toy

My little sister sent me a certificate for a salon/spa and I can’t wait to use it! Will probably save it for a special event or when I can’t see my toes anymore. Love it!


Feeling the baby move so often and having Ryan be able to as well. I love getting him involved.

Also, plans are coming right along for family to come visit. My mom is coming for a work trip, then my sis/maid of honor is coming in November, then a whole bunch of family will be coming for Thanksgiving. It’s going to be awesome!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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