Another Weekend in Chicago

Hi! How’s it going? Hope you had a great weekend. Ours over here was pretty good, but quote tiring. Traveling, specially long car rides,  just has a way to suck all the energy out of you. On Friday, Ryan and I didn’t do much other than hang out and watch TV. We really just needed to do nothing after a busy week at work.

Saturday morning, Ryan went out on the boat on a solo fishing trip, while I took care of some things around the house. I also got some time to do a few yoga stretches before getting ready to head out the door, Boone likes to be my spotter sometimes.

Yoga Saturday

One of my college roommates was getting married in Chicago, so Rachael and I were heading over later in the day. Once I got ready and packed, Boone’s excitement for the weekend went from 10 to zero. He knew he wasn’t coming and wasn’t happy about it at all. But he was going to have a guys’ weekend with Ryan, so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Depressed Dog

We stayed at the Hyatt Place by Midway and it turned out to be a pretty nice hotel. Close enough to the city that the drive isn’t too much, but far enough that the price is a lot better. Plus, the beds we’re super comfy, which everyone knows is the best part of hotels.

Beds Hyatt Place

We got ready and headed over to our friend’s wedding at Girl and the Goat. Made it almost just in time. We kinda underestimated Chicago traffic.

Wedding Date

The ceremony was outside. The day turned out to be windy, wet and cold, so they provided us with towels and blankets, which was pretty awesome. The bride was freezing, so she decided to cut the ceremony in half. It was short and sweet and they were married in no time.


Once back inside, we had some time to refresh with some drinks and fill up our bellies with the awesome small bites coming out of the kitchen just at the end of the room. Loved the open vibe of this place.


Another thing everyone raved about was the bartender. He was really really good. He actually made me some great mocktails which I appreciated because there’s only so much water you can drink at a time.


We capped off the night with some dancing and more chatting. It was a great time.

The Girls

Sunday was another travel day, and the morning was dedicated to eating breakfast and relaxing in the sitting area in our hotel room.

Sitting Area Hyatt Place

We stopped at Lou Malnati’s for pizza before hitting the road. It was pretty good, as always. Then, the rest of Sunday was dedicated to football, laundry and some knitting. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up on rest this week.

Lou Malnatis

Here’s to a great week!

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