We all have beds now!

It’s Wednesday and if it was any other week I would just be excited that it was the middle of the week and the weekend was in the horizon. Today though, I’m extra excited because my mom is arriving for a work trip/ hanging out with me trip. Can’t wait to see her!

In other exciting news, Ryan and I finally finished out bed and have been sleeping on it for about a week now and it has been great. Although only about 4 inches higher than our previous one, it definitely feels like I’m climbing into bed every night. The storage has been awesome. I already filled one of my drawers with the summer items I don’t need right now and a second one with items that don’t fit anymore and won’t fit until a few months after baby, so they’ll stay out of the way for a while.

Storage Queen Bed Frame

So after everything was sanded down and built, Ryan got into staining. I obviously couldn’t help with this step due to the fumes, so I just stayed away doing other house chores. He used some prestain to treat the wood. Then one coat of stain.

Storage Queen Bed Frame stain

After it was nice and dry, he used spray polyurethane to seal it. With the help of his dad, they put it together. I would’ve helped, but this bed is heavy. I literally cannot even shove it a little once it’s all put together.

Storage Queen Bed Frame after stain

Browsing through Target, I always check out the home décor section because you never know what items you’ll find on clearance. Seriously, you should do it every time as well, they have some good deals sometimes. That was the case last week when I found this sweet comforter set for just $25. Yep, that;s what dreams are made of. And now we have a bed that’ll last us forever.

Storage Queen Bed Frame set

The baby wasn’t left behind either. We ordered a bed from Wayfair, the Graco Harbor Lights crib in gray. Since we had a 30 day return policy, I wanted to get his thing built to make sure everything went alright.

Graco Harbor Lights crib box

It actually took us just about 30 minutes to put together and I loved it. Cant wait to decorate the room! Of course, Boone was there every step of the way. He has to be in the same room with us, no excuses.

Graco Harbor Lights crib railing

At one point where Boone was trying to get our attention, I got real emotional because I had a flash-forward of the baby being in the crib and Boone trying to get him to throw the ball for him and trying to get his attention. Plus, having Ryan there to help me out with all of this mess is immensely appreciated, loved and gets me all giddy. Love having him be a part of all this prep and getting him involved as much as possible.

Graco Harbor Lights crib setup

Soon we’ll have a baby room put together and the real waiting begins. Ahhhh!

Graco Harbor Lights crib

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