Weekend with Mom

Hello! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a great one over here thanks to my mom being in town. With that said, I hardly took any pictures because we were either enjoying each others company or relaxing on the couch after walking around Target for hours.

Friday after work, we stayed in and I made one of my mom’s favorite meals, chicken pot pie. Not to brag, but it was delicious! Plus, she also helped me make some apple pie with the apples we gathered at the orchard a couple of weekends ago. It was delicious.

Apple Pie with mom

Saturday, Ryan took a “guys day” and went fishing while mom and I went shopping. The first stop was Target, and we probably spent about two hours going through every single baby aisle in the store and finalizing my registry. It is definitely getting more exciting now that I’m farther along. among some of the items mom got us was a diaper bag. It’s Eddie Bauer and awesome. It doesn’t look like a diaper bag and is dad friendly, aka Ryan won’t be walking around with a floral purse and the baby.

Target registry

We stopped at a few other stores and had lunch before heading back home. Then, it just relaxed and put our feet up after all the walking we did. Plus, we had some fun trying to see the belly move. It is barely starting to show movement, but it’s definitely there. Boone also had some fun with his new toy. Ryan, on the other hand, didn’t love the squeaky part during football games. Made some chili for dinner and then called it a night.

Boones new toy Cherry Pop

Sunday, mom and I went to church after breakfast and then headed to Target again, of course. Then we stopped by Early may to pick up some pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns, my mom’s first ever!

Earl May

We gathered our supplies and got to work. Ryan also played a Halloween kids music playlist, which was actually quite interesting.


We all went with Halloween themes and they turned out pretty cool.

Hard at work

Mom went with the classic jack-o-lantern, Ryan made a werewolf, and I made the Boo! phrase. We stared at our masterpieces for a while and admired our work.

Jack o Lantern artists

Then, Ryan cooked up some of his fresh caught walleye from the day before and we finished the day by watching some more football.

Jack o Lantern Masterpieces

Today, I’ll be heading in for my 24 week appointment with mom in tow, super pumped!

Have a good week!

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