Pregnancy Update: Weeks 22 & 23

Well, if there’s any thing I can say about this past two weeks is that my belly did not stop growing. I thought I was getting pretty big already, but it’s nothing to the growth I’ve seen recently. And it’s probably nothing compared to what’s coming up. The excitement is definitely ramping up.

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Baby Size

Again, feels huge. From the size of a spaghetti squash on week 22 to the weight of a large mango on week 23. I am up about 13.4 pounds since before being pregnant. The belly is getting bigger and bigger and I find myself resting my hands on it all the time. Slowly, but surely, the amount of pre-pregnancy shirts I can still wear is diminishing. T-shirts and exercise tees will forever show my belly now haha.

wk 22wk 23

Daily Activity

Right now I’m focusing more on working on things around the house, so my workouts have been a little shorter. Still walking, doing strength and yoga, just for shorter periods of time. On the other hand, I’m not just laying on the couch all day. On the weekends, I’m moving around in the morning, and crash in the afternoons. Weekdays, I do a small routine or walk after work and then clean, cook, organize, etc for the rest of the night.



The baby is now moving almost all day long and my belly moves with it. Sometimes one side of my belly gets really hard, sometimes the whole thing, other times it’s just flubber. Funny how that works. This past weekend, when mom was in town, was the first time we actually saw movement outside of the belly. Very subtle, looks like just a quick spasm, but it’s there.

With a larger belly size, comes new pains. My ribs, specially my left ones, have been hurting almost every day. Moving around and good posture help, as well as resting with good back support. Any time my back is a little curved, they start hurting again. Sort of feels like the bottom rib is bruised, but I know it’s not. The doctor told me that sometime the uterus tends to rest on the ribs. Yeah, it’s that big now.

Also, got a minor flare of carpal tunnel on my right hand.  It lasted for about 5 days, but the first two I felt I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t even spray my perfume. That bad. Again, the doctor said it’s completely normal and that wrist splints help alleviate the pain. I did a round of the electro therapy which seemed to help the next day.  


Ryan and I built the crib last week and moved pretty much everything that’s going to be in the nursery into the room. Slowly, it’s taking shape, but I’m in no rush right now.

baby room 1

Have been having some crazy dreams , but keep forgetting to write them down. I know there’s one where Boone was tied up to some tree during a winter storm and I couldn’t get to him to save him fro the cold. Sad, I know. None of the dreams are normal or happy. No horror birth stories yet though, which is good!

Went for my 24 week checkup this week with mom. It was nice that she came over and met my doctor, which she loved. Nothing special went on other than talking about the next appointment (the big glucose test). Baby’s heart rate was at 155 (last time it was 146). This was the first time I went to see the doctor and felt confident/comfortable before it. Feeling the baby move is just such a reassuring reminder that it’s doing ok and it’s alive and kicking. Before, appointments just had a cloud of uncertainty before them.


Seeing my belly move! It’s pretty cool and I probably stared at it for hours the first time I noticed. I can also see Ryan staring at it every so often, too cute.

Also, having my mom here to share my expanding belly, feel and see the baby move, and being able to hear the heart beat was pretty amazing. Being far away has been kinda hard sometimes, but I loved having her being able to see some of my progress and share some concrete moments with her grandbaby.

with mommy

This weekend Ryan and I will work on some furniture updates as well as enjoy some relaxing time before the holidays madness dawns on us. Also, the following weekend we go to take a couple of classes at the hospital, which will make things way more real than they already are.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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