Getting things done around here

Good morning! Today’s my sister’s birthday, so I wanted to give her a shout out! Congrats!

This weekend was a pretty successful one. I did some productive stuff while still making time to just relax. It all started with some relaxing on Friday after work. It was going to be quite chilly, so I decided to spend some time outside with Boone while we waited for Ryan to get back from work. Even though it’s on the chillier side for me, Boone loves this colder weather. He can stay outside for hours chasing the ball or just lounging around. Plus, the squirrels were pretty active this whole weekend gathering food supplies for the winter and Boone was pretty entertained trying to catch them, which is hilarious once they climb up the tree and start screaming at him.

Boone exercising

Saturday morning, I have no idea how because it was below freezing, Ryan went out on a fishing trip. Psycho. Boone and I stayed inside and cuddled up with some coffee, a blanket, my knitting supplies and Horns (a movie based on the book by Joe Hill). It was a great way to spend the chilly morning and the movie was pretty entertaining, not everyone’s cup of tea though.

Knitting morning

I decided to get moving and be more productive and started tackling the kitchen. I’ve been meaning to do a super deep cleaning of the house and figured it is better now or never considering I won’t be able to do this as effectively during my third trimester or when there’s a newborn in the house. Plus, my family is coming for Thanksgiving, so better get it done now.

Kitchen cleaning

The project involved removing everything out of the counters on one side of the kitchen, cleaning all the cupboards, rearranging and getting rid of things I don’t use, Plus, cleaning. I cleaned the microwave, oven, stove top, toaster oven, on top of any surfaces. You name it, it got cleaned.  The thought process is to do a section of the house at a time so I don’t get burned out.

Kitchen is clean

While doing this, Boone got some sunbaths in. Lucky dog!


Then, it was my time to rest again and lay down for a bit with the best cuddler ever.


After a little bit, I took him out on a walk. The day turned out to be pretty gorgeous and I was in awe of some of the fall colors out there. Boone was just trying to find more squirrels to chase.

Fall walk

Once back, I got my nails done while waiting for Ryan.


I used my favorite base and clear coat (Nail Envy), Essie’s Glamour Purse for my toes, Sally Hansen in a purple for my hands and the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat that mom left when she visited last weekend. It was my first time using it and I was pleasantly surprised. The nails dried quite quickly and are still going strong.

Nail enamels

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, hanging out with Ryan, watching football and playing some Scrabble. It was pretty chilly, so Ryan came up with the brilliant idea to make hot apple cider and it was the best ever.

Scrabble night

Sunday, after breakfast, we decided have a really slow morning and watched Beetlejuice. Yep, classic! Such a great movie. Went to run some errands and came back to have a fish fry with Ryan’s Saturday morning catch. So good!

Fish fry

I worked on some stuff around the house and took Boone on another walk. Then, my plans were to get working on repainting the changing table for the baby’s room, but I couldn’t because it needs an oil based primer that I can’t use in my current state. I felt so helpless, hate it. Instead, Ryan volunteered to do it, and I dedicated myself to sewing.


We had some dinner and then it was time for some more relaxing and football. I took the opportunity to finish the knitting pattern I was working on and Boone didn’t seem to mind.

Knitting Sunday

Now it’s another week start. Hope it’s a good one!

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