Pregnancy Update: Weeks 24 & 25

Probably a good thing, but I really don’t have much to report from the past couple of weeks. No major body changes to note. Things have been pretty stable, which I’m enjoying thoroughly. Ryan and I did go to a couple of classes at the hospital and received some big gifts from family, which was pretty awesome. I’m glad to say that I’m happily trucking along and there’s only 15 weeks left! Wow!

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Baby Size

Getting used to a bigger belly, but still find myself staring at it in awe of how big it has really gotten and will get still. From the size of a corn cob on week 24 to the size of a rutabaga on week 25. I still feel that the biggest fruit/veggie they’ve used is the spaghetti squash, but whatever. I am up about 14 pounds since before being pregnant. My belly button shows no signs of becoming an outie, but it has definitely expanded. I was joking with Ryan the other day that it might just have no ending, which my sister agreed. The linea nigra is getting darker and darker. For now, my belly doesn’t feel uncomfortable, unless it’s bloated, then it’s just not fun.

wk 24wk 25

Daily Activity

Workout have been hit and miss, but I’m still moving around. I‘m starting to do yoga on Sundays as well, but more of a freestyle stretch than an actual video. Talking Boone on walks when I get the chance and it’s not rainy or super windy outside, this past week has been pretty wet. I might’ve only done strength training once or twice, so I need to get back on that. With the holidays around the corner and many busy weekends ahead, I’m just focusing more on getting things done around the house and crafting after work. Energy wise, I had to take a 15 minute refresher last Sunday, but otherwise feel pretty great.

autmn walks


For the first time, the baby kept me up early one morning with it’s movements. From one side of the belly to the other, must’ve been having a party in there. The movements definitely intensify after meals or right before. Baby is already showing signs of hanger.

This past week, heartburn and ribcage discomfort have been pretty much a constant. I’ve been having to stand up and stretch to see if he/she moves down a little to give me some breathing space. On the other hand, no major back pains (other than at the end of an active day) or hand aches.

Pregnancy dreams are now a reality. It’s not that I’m dreaming more, but that I’m more restless and there’s a higher chance of waking up while dreaming. Well, the other day I shot straight up in bed because I dreamt that Boone had jumped on the couch and he was dripping with mud/water/dirt. In reality, he was just snuggled by my feet.


This past weekend, Ryan and I took the Labor & Birth as well as the Comfort Skills classes at the hospital. It was actually a lot less traumatizing than I imagined and left more at ease with the whole process. Blame in on pregnancy hormones, but I got teary eyed whenever they showed the moment where the mom holds the baby for the first time and the dad’s look on his face. I‘m really looking forward to that moment. I also think the classes gave Ryan and whole new respect for me, the changes my body is going through and what birth will be because he kept massaging my back during the class and has been extra nice this past week. He’s also more in tune with my belly, touching it a lot more. I’m loving it.

Babby Classes

We got a few packages from family this past weeks. We just opened the Graco stroller and car seat, which I absolutely love! Boone approves as well. Additionally, we got the mattress for the crib and a box of wipes. It’s never too late to start stocking up!

Stroller Riding


This week, it was probably how much more connected and on the same page Ryan and I are after taking the classes. I’m pretty confident we’ll be able to get through it with flying colors. Plus, gifts! Getting some of the big items already makes it all seem that much more real.

All set up

This weekend Ryan and I will be visiting some friends and taking it low key.

Hope you have a great weekend and Halloween!

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