Nautical Coat Hanger

Little by little, we are getting small projects done around the house that have been on our to-do list probably since we moved in the house a year ago. Of course, we had to finish the important and major projects first, and now we can move on to those little ones that never seem to get finished. Like finish the 1/4 round in the family room which we haven’t done yet, but it can be our little secret.

I’ve been wanting to make a coat hanger for the three seasons room next to the backyard door. It might seem like a weird place for it, but when you have a dog, it’s definitely a must. Here we’ll hang the necessities for when we need to take Boone out when it’s cold or raining. I used to just throw the towel on top of the boots, but now it had a good place to dry up between uses.

Nautical Coat Hanger with cleats and anchor

Materials needed:

  • plywood cut to 6”x18”
  • sanding paper, 100 and 220 grit
  • wood filler
  • wood stain
  • polyurethane, if desired
  • three hooks: we used an anchor from Hobby Lobby and two cleats from Menards
  • screwdriver
  • drywall screws

Nautical Coat Hanger materials

First up, get the piece of wood ready to go. Sand all sides with a course grit paper followed by a finer one. Also, fill in any gaps or imperfections with wood filler (pour, spread, smooth, let dry).

Nautical Coat Hanger wood putty

Next up, staining. I always stain with gloves because it can get quite messy. Remember to have a rag handy to clean up excess stain as well. For this project, I used Rustoleum’s wood stain in Kona, the same one I used for our bathroom vanity.

Nautical Coat Hanger stain materials

Do one or two coats as necessary and let dry completely. If you want to seal the wood, this would be the time to polyurethane it. I went without.

Nautical Coat Hanger stain

Measure and install the anchor and cleats in the center of the piece of wood with the screws provided.

Nautical Coat Hanger hooks

We left the top screw of the cleat open because we decided to use that opening as the wall attachment. Measuring where the piece will go on the wall, drill and attach the drywall screw protectors.

Nautical Coat Hanger dry wall screws

Align the piece over these and drill the dry wall screw through the cleat, wood and finally wall.

Nautical Coat Hanger finished

The new coat hanger is finished and ready to go!

Nautical Coat Hanger

No more messy corner, which makes me very very happy.

Coat Hanger with Nautical Hooks

Have a good day!

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