Still Undefeated

Hello hello! So to say by body is hurting right now is a huge understatement. On the other hand, I got so much done this weekend that I’m super duper excited to have crossed most things off my list. Lately, I’ve been feeling great during the day and don’t feel the aches and tiredness come on until it’s too late. I need to constantly remind myself to take a break, sit down for a bit and drink lots of water.

Friday evening, we went over to Ryan’s cousin’s house to hang out for a bit. He had some more cousins over and it was nice to see them all. We also got to hang out with their little kid who Ryan loves. Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early, the perks of not drinking at night, and hit the grocery store right when it opened. I might need to do this from now on because it was so quiet and hardly anybody was there. It was actually a joy. Started getting supplies for Thanksgiving over at our place. Hopefully two cans of cranberries will be enough…

Crazy for cranberries

Then, breakfast. I had a craving for some croissants, so I had to get them. That’s what I get for going to the store before eating.

Eggs for breakfast

While Ryan went out hunting, I stayed in and did a little cleaning. I’m still in the process of deep cleaning rooms in our house, and tackled the bathroom cabinet and linen closet this time. Feels so good to get things done. The day was pretty gorgeous, so Boone and I went on a walk around the park. The smile he has when we go on walks is enough to make me get out there with him. He definitely loves fall more than I do.

Boone walk

Then, it was time to hit up the tailgate area for the undefeated Iowa Hawkeyes. Not my team, but I still support them. Plus, we had some friends from out of town over and we’ll take any opportunity to hang out with them.


It’s kinda weird hanging around without a can in my hand, but the company sure made up for it. Love this group!


After the game, we did a quick Culver’s stop to get this lady some ice-cream. It’s what I’ve been craving the most lately.

Culvers ice cream

Sunday was all about house work. I was non-stop. I finished painting the kitchen baseboards, cleaned part of the basement, finished putting up some 1/4 round in the living room, washed the outside of the windows and deep cleaned my car. Busy busy, but there’s nothing like crossing little things off the to-do list.


Then, it was time to pay attention to Boone, so we went outside to play some fetch. Since I was still on cleaning mode, I picked up the sticks from the yard, including a huge branch that had fallen. While I was breaking it into smaller pieces, Boone helped me by eating the ends off it. He loves munching on bark for some reason.

tree helper

Once I got back inside, my whole body started hurting and I could barely walk. So, I decided to lay on the couch and not do anything else. After dinner, I had myself a milkshake and relaxed.

Milkshake Sunday

Today, I’ll definitely take it easy to give my body all the time it needs to recover.

Have a good week!

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