Painting Wood Furniture Without Sanding

Happy Friday! How’s it going in your neck of the woods? Winter has definitely decided to say hello over here. We’re supposed to get a few inches of snow tonight, plus this weekend the highs and lows will be in the 20s and single digits. Yep, 20s for high temperatures. I might venture outside a couple of times to get some necessities for Thanksgiving, but I’m definitely going to have my fair share of hot chocolate and warm apple cider. Plus, lots of cuddles with Boone. There’s a reason they used to stuff dogs in dresses back in the day; they’re the best personal heaters ever.

Another thing I want to accomplish this weekend? Finalize the layout of the baby’s room. This will definitely help me get more organized and start decorating. I can finally do this because we finished painting the changing table and it’s ready to take it’s place in the room. It was actually quite easy to do, and apart from drying time, it was a breeze.

How to Paint Furniture before

The first thing that needs to happen is to clean the item thoroughly. You don’t want any grease, dust or residue on the surface. Next, take out all the hardware. It might seem like a lot of work, but it’ll be better in the long run. Finally, it’s time to tape it all up.

How to Paint Furniture drawer prep

Using some Frog Tape, or painter’s tape, cover any surfaces you will be painting. In our case, we weren’t going to paint any of the unfinished inside, so we left that untouched. The drawers have a glass insert. I would have taken it out, but it was glued in place with wood trim on the inside. Instead of risking damage to the drawer, I just taped it up as well.

How to Paint Furniture  tape

The first coat the furniture gets is primer. The Cover Stain primer, same one we used on our dining table chairs, works wonders. Ryan did this part for me, since it has toxic fumes I have to stay away from.

How to Paint Furniture  primer

Every drawer, knobs, doors and sides got one coat of the primer. It’s alright if the finish is see through. Were not using the primer as paint, but as a way to cover the shiny surfaces so the paint can adhere better to the furniture.

How to Paint Furniture  prime details

How to Paint Furniture prime drawers

Once completely dry, you can move on to painting. We’re fans of Valspar’s Signature paint with primer because it covers surfaces like nothing else. For this project, I brought home a few, ok a ton, of gray paint cards to match to the crib color. We went with the Urban Sunrise shade. which matched the crib’s gray almost perfectly.

How to Paint Furniture Valspar paint

Another awesome thing we used, the Seal Pro paint tray. It’s awesome for projects that might take a few days because it seals the paint and roller/brush and doesn’t let it dry. Confession: Ryan and I are not the best at cleaning after painting and this tub still had paint from our last project in May. The paint and roller were still wet and I could’ve picked it right up and started painting. This thing is that good.

How to Paint Furniture paint tub

Ok, back to the project. Make sure everything gets coated thoroughly with that first paint layer. It’s always harder to find missed spots during the second layer. Let this coat dry completely before moving on to the next. If the paint doesn’t go on smoothly with a brush, go over it with a roller. We didn’t have to in this project.

How to Paint Furniture first coat

Make sure you go back to previous sections before the paint dries to check for any drips. With all of furniture’s nooks and crannies, it is very easy to get these and then have lumps if you forget to smooth them over.

How to Paint Furniture  one coat details

Next up, a second layer of paint. This coat usually goes on a bit faster. Let this coat dry completely.

How to Paint Furniture two coats

Now, you’re ready to reassemble the furniture with all of it’s hardware and components.

How to Paint Furniture without sanding

As an option, you could do a coat of polyurethane to further protect the paint job. We decided to forgo this step because I tried scratching the paint and it didn’t budge. We’ll see how it holds up!

How to Paint Furniture done

One thing that kept happening while working on this, was that I kept getting flash-forwards of a toddler covering this thing with stickers. Sorry mom for doing that to all my furniture!!!

How to Paint Furniture  with primer and paint

The final product looks great and I am in love. Plus, it goes great with the crib!

How to Paint Furniture  crib matching

Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to share a nursery tour. In the meantime, have a good weekend and stay warm!


Update: My baby is now four months old (as of the middle of June) and with multiple daily used, this paint job is still holding up like a charm. No scratches or faded spots. Still in love with it!

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