Thanksgiving and Baby Shower

Hello! It’s Monday and we have a short week ahead, which I’m quite excited about. Plus, my family is coming over for Thanksgiving, so I’ll get to spend a lot of time with them this weekend and see their lovely faces. We have dinner planned for Saturday, which I’m both nervous and excited about. At least, mom will be here and she’s a pro at this.

This weekend was a great one. Even though we got some snow, we spent the weekend hanging out with Boone and we got to meet up with Ryan’s family. Friday afternoon, the snow started falling right when we got home from work and then it didn’t stop until the morning. Since it was the first snow of the season, I spent some time watching it fall with Boone. Looking out the window is one of his favorite past times.

Snow's coming down

Since, we originally had plans to leave Friday, I hadn’t planned anything for dinner so we tried another pizza place, Roscoe’s. The pizza had great flavor and Ryan absolutely loved it. On the other hand, I didn’t love that the veggies were cut up so thick, but it was still good.

Roscoes pizza

By early morning, the snow was coming to an end and we got about 8 inches total. Thankfully, our travel plans were a bit later, so the roads weren’t horrible by the time we had to leave.

a few inches of snow

On the other hand, it was quite pretty, even though we did see a ton of cars in the ditch. Don’t travel when it’s crappy out, people!


Even though we had some people missing from Thanksgiving due to travel concerns, we got to spend some quality time with the ones that did make it. It’s always great meeting up with the gang.

Family at Thanksgiving

After dinner, it was time for the Baby Shower. Since we were all meeting up anyways, they decided to throw a mini shower for Ryan and I.

Baby shower cake

It was mostly Ryan staring at the football games on TV, while I opened presents.

distracted husband

We did get a lot of great gifts and thoughtful ones as well. This family is definitely not shy about spreading their love.

baby shower presents

Once we got back home, Boone needed to inspect the gifts, of course.


Since we got back when it was already dark, we hung out in the basement so Boone could run around in the carpeted floors. He loves it down there.

cozy in the basement

Sunday was dedicated to family-in-town prep. I hit up the grocery store early and got most of the items I needed. One non-food item I got was an Aquaphor lip treatment. It’s been horribly dry here, so I needed to up my lip protection game. So far, it’s done it’s job very well.


Once back, I did some meal prep for the weekend. All the pie crusts are now ready.

pie time

After a quick lunch break, I treated myself to a piece of Baby Shower cake. It was delicious.

piece of cake

Boone and I also spent some time outside before it got dark. This dog loves loves loves to play in the snow. He just walks like a little old man afterwards cause he forgets that he has joint issues.

snow bunny

Then, it was back inside for dinner and some more meal prep. Boone also got a haircut and was super snuggly afterwards, so I ended my night on the couch with him.

meal prep

Definitely a good weekend and hopefully sets the pace for the week ahead.

Have a good one!

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