Thanksgiving and all the shopping

Good morning! Hope you had an amazing weekend! Even though it was pretty chilly over here with temperatures hovering at freezing or below, my family was over to celebrate Thanksgiving, so we were surrounded my good company all weekend long. They arrived on Wednesday night and it was non-stop until they left this morning. It was a pretty awesome weekend. 

On Thursday, we had plans to stay in, cook some food and watch some football, which worked great since it rained all day long. We made some party food and apps, like crownies (cupcakes and a brownie), wings, spinach artichoke dip and stuffed pimientos. We spent the afternoon watching football, and unfortunately seeing the Cowboys lose.


Friday, Ryan and my BIL left to go pheasant hunting pretty early. They went back to Ryan’s hometown and came back with four birds. In the meantime, the girls and my dad braved the cold and went out to the Amana Colonies. They had a small Christmas tree exhibition and a bunch of small little shops that we went in and out of and visited. Finishing the afternoon with lunch at the Ox Yoke Inn, which was pretty good.

Xmas trees

Then, we headed to the outlets to do some shopping after the Black Friday crowds were gone. So much better to do it this way. We all found some pretty good deals. Once back, we got a bunch of food ready for Thanksgiving dinner the next day. Finished the night by playing some games.


Saturday, mom and I woke up super early to put the turkey in the oven and after a quick nap, we got back to cooking and getting everything else finished for the big dinner. We all got dressed up in our ugly Christmas sweaters and were ready for dinner my the afternoon. Ryan’s parents joined us, which was pretty great having everybody together. (The whole group picture is in another camera, I’ll have to share later..oops)

First Thanksgiving

Ryan also had the honors of carving the turkey. It was a great dinner and we had plenty of leftovers, actually still eating them. Needless to say, it was a pretty lazy Saturday night after that.

Turkey Carving

Sunday, we hung out during the day until it was time to say goodbye to Karla, my oldest sister, and her husband. It was sad to see them leave, but I keep thinking of how good of a time Ryan and I have whenever we hang out with them.

with K

Then, it was time for some more shopping. Mom and Tania actually found some pretty good deals on some craft items which are hard to find back home. The excitement of the weekend was finally catching up to us and we were all beat by Sunday night. After dinner, we pretty much just laid around watching football.

Dropped them off in the airport early this morning and now it’s back to normal. Just a very tired normal. Can’t wait to see them all around Christmas again!

Hope you have a good week!

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