Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to display a variety of pictures and artwork that might be precious to you, but that style-wise don’t really go together. You can pretty much use any combination of picture frames and hanging options and make a cohesive collection of memories. One option is to use the same frame for every picture. In my case, a hopscotch of frames I already owned make the composition.

Gallery Wall

The first thing you want to do is gather all your materials and play around with them on the floor until you find an arrangement that will work with your space. Not going to lie, this might take a while. You want to make sure you find a configuration that you’ll love, so you’re not changing things around once there’s holes in the wall. You can either arrange your items around a focal piece or in a grid-like pattern.

Gallery Wall layout

Then, measure the collection as a whole and mark either the center spot or where one of the top frames will go. This will help you get the collection centered on the wall once ready to hang. For example, the gold frame in the middle of my arrangement starts at 33” from the right and the first item I will hang.

Gallery Wall measurement

To prep your frames for hanging, cut out a piece of paper to the size and shape of each frame. Also, mark on the paper where the nail holes will need to be. This might take a while, but it will eventually end up saving you a ton of time.

Gallery Wall cutout frames

Next, start arranging the paper cutouts on the wall. Tape them with painter’s tape so they are easily removable. Also, make sure they are square and level. If you don’t own an actual level, you can just measure from two points in the ceiling.

Gallery Wall layout start

Continue arranging the collage mimicking your layout on the floor and maintaining the same spacing between pieces. There’s a lot of measuring and adjusting that goes on during this phase. At this point, you can leave the pieces like so so a few days to test if you’re satisfied with the layout. If not, rearrange accordingly.

Gallery Wall paper layout

Once you’re ready to hang your items. hammer a small nail in the marked spots through each cutout. You can work all at once or section by section.

Gallery Wall nails

Start hanging each frame in sections. The reason for doing it in sections is that you can adjust the frames as necessary if they don’t end up level without disturbing the other artwork.

Travel Gallery Wall

A great part of gallery walls is that you can keep adding pieces as you acquire more. I already have a couple of new pieces to add!

Mismatched Gallery Wall

It’s about time I worked on a focal point by the entrance and I absolutely love it!

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