Pregnancy Update: Weeks 30 & 31

It’s safe to say that these past two weeks were super eventful I my body definitely got tested. I’ve been busy busy with my family over for Thanksgiving weekend and now I’m working on various projects, gifts and Christmas decorating. With that being said, I do reward myself with a couple of hours every other night to just lay down and do nothing. On weekends, if I don’t have to get up for anything, I give myself the chance to just sleep until I can’t anymore. Gotta take those breaks when I can get them. Nonetheless, I’m still loving this journey.

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Baby Size

So my belly has definitely exploded in size, it’s getting so big and, although not quite uncomfortable yet, it’s getting in the way. On my appointment on Monday, the belly measured 33cm, 3 more centimeters from my last appointment two weeks ago! That’s a lot in my book. The baby went from being the size of an head of cabbage on week 30 to the weight of a coconut on week 31. It should be measuring approximately 16 inches, which is pretty daunting when you hold that measurement next to you and try to figure out how it all fits in there. I am up about 20 pounds since before being pregnant. My belly definitely shows it. It doesn’t look too horrible in person, but it looks ginormous in pictures, especially if I;m sitting down. It’s like a blob haha.

wk 30wk 31

Daily Activity

Last week wasn’t the most active in terms of actual exercise, but I was all over the place and on my feet a lot. This week, I’ve been way better about getting my exercise in. Still doing yoga once a week, twice if I make an effort, and short strength routines here and there. Nothing too vigorous. As long as I’m active and moving around in the day, I don’t feel too bad about it.

Boone selfie


It’s crazy to say, but the baby definitely moves more and more each day and way stronger than before. You can almost start to see it through clothes and Ryan has definitely spotted movement with his peripherals while watching TV. So yes, they’re noticeable. Also, it loves my right side. On Sunday, it moved to my left and it really surprised me. I’m pretty sure my right ribs are going to be bruised after this. With a little push though, the baby is pretty good at moving down a bit.

Which takes us to the next symptom. I am a peeing machine. Sometimes I need to head to the bathroom right after I finish a glass of water. Which is not fun considering it’s so dry here that I’m constantly thirsty and drinking water. It’s a vicious cycle. Also, waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom is not fun either.

Heartburn seems to be pretty constant now. I feel I need to go back to the first trimester technique of eating every few hours. Food is starting to become unappetizing to me. I get cravings for milk and cheese, which might just be my body telling me to get some more calcium. Who knows.

Symptoms I haven’t been getting: stretch marks, belly button out, uncomfortable sleep, swelling. All good things!

Baby mama


Had a doctor’s appointment this Monday and everything went great. My blood pressure is good and the baby’s heart rate was at 141. Doctor’s reaction to heartbeat: “the baby sounds super happy in there.” No major news from the appointment other than everything is going well.

Ryan and I finally started working on getting the nursery put together, which makes me really happy. Not that I’m in a hurry or anything, but I just felt that the room was a mess.


Did my first load of baby clothes this week! Everything is so tiny I have no idea how to fold them.

baby laundry


Nothing too eventful happened, but I always think that hearing the baby’s heart beat is such a cool thing. It makes everything super real, even thought it sometimes seems weird that’s there’s a moving baby in my belly. Those few moments of silence where we just listen are always the best.

This weekend is deer hunting season, which means it’s cookie baking marathon weekend for Laurie and I. Always look forward to it and can’t wait to get my bake on.

Here’s to a good weekend!

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