Cliché Weekend

Good morning! Did you have a fun weekend? Hope so! Over here, Ryan and I has our most cliché weekend of the year. While the guys go deer hunting, the girls stay home and bake cookies all day. I can’t lie, I love it. Laurie (MIL) and I look forward to it every single year and we sometimes get so carried away that we are beat come Sunday. This year was no exception.

Friday though, Ryan and I had other things on our mind. We went to the birthing center to have our hospital tour. Little did we know, that the we knew the nurse giving us the tour from mutual friends, so that was pretty cool. We completely forgot she worked there. Anyways, the tour went great and we love the facilities. Choosing this center was no hard decision at all. After we got home, we celebrated by eating some delicious chocolates.

friday chocolates

Then we got out things organized for our drive to Ryan’s hometown. While he packed all his hunting gear, I just hung out on the couch.

belly pic

Once we were on the road, we snacked on some of Trade Joe’s plantain chips. I might not want to admit this, but they might be better than the ones from back home. They are delicious and I always buy like three bags when I venture into the store, since we don’t have one super close to us. Once we got there, we had dinner with the in laws and then visited our bestest friends and their three week old baby girl. She’s so cute and tiny!


Saturday, was all about baking and more baking. Laurie had gotten all the ingredients during the week, so we didn’t have to run to the grocery store at all which is nice, so we got started bright and early. Look at all those ingredients! I think there’s enough sugar, butter and flour in here to feed a village.

cookie materials

We had visitors come in and out during the day and they were our taste testers, which worked out just fine.

cookie extravaganza 2015

But by the end of the night, Laurie and I were beat and the couch called our names. We first watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas, thanks ABC Family!


Then the boys got home, they only got one buck, but still a pretty good one. Ryan’s kill, so he was pumped about it. And so we watched Elf. Christmas movies at its finest.


Sunday was a rainy and gray day, so I really didn’t do much. The boys went hunting again, while I took care of Boone. He’s been under the weather for a week now and wasn’t holding his food or antibiotics all weekend, so he was in a slump. But being babied around is one of his favorite things.

boone resting

We also watched some football. No good news for the Cowboys though. We got home pretty late so we just rested for the rest of the night before heading to bed. We were both pretty sore from the weekend. this is our last week of work before the holiday break, which I’m pretty excited about. Now we just need to get Boone all better soon.


Have a good week!

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