Simple Tree Topper Bow

Ten days until Christmas!!!! Are you ready? I’m sure getting excited. This year I’ll be going home which is nice because the weather here has been kinda sad. Just rainy and not Christmassy at all. It has not helped me to get in the holiday spirit. Still, Ryan and I have our whole house decorated, except our outdoor lights, oops!

This year was the first one where I decorated some of the basement. After Christmas last year, I bought a bunch of decorations on super clearance for the sole purpose of adding some holiday spirit to the downstairs living room area. Once I had the tree up and decorated, I realized that I was still missing a tree topper. So, with the wired ribbon I already had, some extra wire and improvisation, I made a bow for the new tree.

Tree Topper Bow materials

The first thing to do, is to have an idea on how big to make your bow. The starting point will be the first loop. Just cut a strip of ribbon and form a loop.

Tree Topper Bow  loop

Then, measure how long your next fabric cuts will have to be by creating a second loop that’s bigger than than first one.

Tree Topper Bow  2nd tier

From that measure, cut three strips of fabric for the middle loops and three longer ones for the back loops.

Tree Topper Bow  ribbon cuts

Start assembling the bow by arranging the front loop with the three middle loops together. To add extra contrast, I made some of the loops on the reverse.

Tree Topper Bow small

Wrap wire around the middle to hold them together.

Tree Topper Bow  wire wrap

Loop the three back strips together and wrap wire around their center.

Tree Topper Bow  big tier

With some more wire, connect both pieces to create one big bow. Plump up the loop to make it nice and full.

Tree Topper Bow  all together

Next, we need to make some legs for the bow. Cut two strips of ribbon about 1/4 of the length of the tree.

Tree Topper Bow  legs

To make the pointy ends, fold in half lengthwise and cut from the outer ends to a point in the middle of the ribbon.

Tree Topper Bow  ends

Attach everything to the tree with some more wire.

Tree Topper Bow

You can make it as dainty or as pompous as you want. Just have fun with it!

Tree Topper Bow DIY

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