A whole lot of knitting

Good morning! This weekend came and went in the blink of an eye. I’m currently on my Christmas break, so it still feels like it’s the weekend, other than my to-do list. Flying out tomorrow and there’s still some things I want to get done before heading out.

Friday was a pretty low key day for Ryan and I. We had our work holiday party during the day and were pretty beat up by the time we got back. One thing we had to do as take care of poor little Boone. He’s currently fighting and inflammation on one of his lymph nodes and we’re working with the vet to see where it’s all stemming from. His antibiotics aren’t helping his stomach, so we’ve been feeding him a variety of things (rice, chicken, pasta, specialty canned dog food) to see what triggers his appetite. He’s doing great otherwise and still loves cuddling and playing.


Saturday, we hit the road pretty early and got on our way to Ryan’s hometown where we were having his family Christmas. On the way, I did a lot of knitting, while trying to stay comfortable from the baby being cradled in my right side. For some reason, s/he loves that side of my belly. Me, not so much. Don’t mind the dirty shirt, it’s the fuzzies from the yarn, promise.

car knitting

Boone didn’t look too comfortable on the ride either.

car sleeping

The party was great, and once again it was super nice to see everybody again. Plus, they are quite excited for the arrival of the new baby to the family. Every year, they have somebody dress up as Santa to hand out the presents, and of course, we had to do a belly pic. Even though mine looks bigger in the picture, Santa actually won (he had a balled up jacket underneath).

belly belly

And of course, the classic picture with Santa, who is actually Ryan’s dad under there.


After the party was over, I took the opportunity to spend some time outside with Boone and play some fetch, He loves the attention and being outside, specially when it’s nice and cool.

play time

Sunday was quite a low key day. Ryan went to do some pheasant hunting, with no luck, so I made myself some breakfast and read the paper. Later, I did a quick yoga session because my legs have been kinda stiff lately.


And of course, some more knitting. Hopefully, this baby blanket will be done before the baby arrives, but who knows. I’m sure taking my sweet time with it.

knitting sunday

After some ore Boone cuddles, it was time to head out. Ryan’s parents are going to take care of him, and spoil him, while we go visit my family. He loves it here, but I’m definitely going to miss his cuddles.

Boone and I

Now it’s time to pack and get the house all cleaned up before out trip. Hope you have a good week and get to see lots of family this season!

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