Christmas in Puerto Rico

I’m back! Sorry about the little break, but between Christmas, travels, family gatherings and Boone being sick, I just never had time to sit down, write and upload pictures. So I hope to have us all caught up in the next few days. Expect some posts about how pregnancy is going, New Year’s resolutions, 2015 recaps and Baby Shower. But first, let’s talk about Christmas.

Ryan and I headed home to Puerto Rico a couple of days before Christmas. We kinda miscalculated our departure time, so we weren’t going to be able to make it to our first flight. Luckily, we were able to go on standby through Dallas. The bad part about it is that instead of getting home in the afternoon, we landed close to 2am. Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted by the time we got there. Our time there went great though.

Fly time

Our next day, we headed to the beach for some needed sun and salt time. Don’t forget the wonderful food! There’s nothing like going back to the beach, definitely feels like home. What was weird was wearing a bikini with this huge baby belly. Pretty hilarious though. At night, we went over to one of my aunt’s house to hang out and eat some more delicious food.

Beach Day

On Christmas Eve, my family always hosts a big party where we stay up pretty much all night hanging out with friends and family and whoever wants to join. Food is great, drinks are great or so I hear, music is loud and the laughter never stops. We even had a group come and play some music for us, parranda style. How I made it until 3am, I’ll never know, but I did.

Christmas Eve

Christmas was pretty low key. We exchanged gifts with the family and hung out for a bit. Then, we made a pit stop at a family Christmas party and came back to hang out and play card games with the fam.

Chriistmas Day

The 26th was a pretty busy day. My family threw a baby shower for Ryan and I which was pretty fun and wonderfully decorated. There we’re a lot of pretty cool games as well. Later in the night, we did our annual Secret Santa. Every year, our family does it and to guess who your Secret Santa is, we do a different activity. This year, we had to lip-sync a song that reminded us or was related to the person we gift to. Some costumes and dancing were quite hilarious.

Baby Shower

Our last day there, we spent in Old San Juan with the family walking around and had some lunch as well. Then, sisters and in-laws started to slowly filter out.

Old San Juan

On our way back, we had some more travel woes due to all the storms and we ended up staying in Dallas overnight. On the upside, we killed some time by going to see Star Wars, which was pretty good. We finally made it home late on Tuesday and ready to see our lovely Boone.

We had a great Christmas holiday. It’s always nice to get to spend time with all the sisters, brother in-laws and my parents. Love them and they are a big part of who I am. Can’t wait to see them all again soon!

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