Pregnancy Update: Weeks 32-34

Time for another pregnancy update! I’m well into my third trimester and I must say that this baby has made pregnancy unbelievably great. Knock on wood that it keeps going that way. Apart from a random symptom flare-up every so often and my inability to easily put on shoes, I can’t complain about any discomfort whatsoever. Granted, my belly is growing more and more every day, so it will only get ore in the way, but I’m still doing quite well. You should see me trying to get into my car with about two inches of space between my belly and the steering wheel, quite the sight I assume.

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Baby Size

When they say that the baby’s main job right now is to gain weight, they’re not joking. My belly keeps getting bigger and bigger every day, which means less space for the baby and I can feel the movements all the time now. On my last appointment, my belly measured 34 cm at week 33, good belly size. On week 32 the baby weighed as much as a jicama and by week 34 it was the size of a cantaloupe.  Although I didn’t weigh myself on week 34 or take a belly pic, I’m up about 25 pounds now, which is right on target. With less space, the baby has settled right underneath my ribs, so anytime I bend over, I get jabbed by it’s butt. I’m getting better and remembering just how big my belly is, even though it doesn’t feel huge to me.

wk 32wk 33

Daily Activity

Sadly, not much in terms of actual exercise other than the occasional yoga routine. On the other hand, with the holidays and family gatherings, I’ve been on my feet a lot and moving around all the time. I get antsy when I sit down for too long, so it’s hard for me to rest. I rather be helping out and getting things ready/clean than just laying around, which is hard when you have swollen feet. My muscles might not be as strong as before, but my stamina is not lacking at all.


The major symptom right now is how often I feel the baby move, I’m talking about all the time now. Still, it gets shy when I try to record it or have somebody feel the movement. Nonetheless, they are more and more pronounced every day and all over the belly. It’s quite neat.

in VSJ

As far as not so great pregnancy symptoms, I had some bouts of nausea and insomnia on week 32, but these are gone by now. Just last night I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. The carpal tunnel has come back and not going anywhere. I wake up a few times at night with tingly/hurting hands and I can’t do to continuous work with my hands without a break anymore. Every day I wake up, my right hand thumb hurts quite a bit, stretches help though. My leg pain is back, but just every so often. Nothing major.

The swelling has also started. My hands are permanently swollen now. Nothing that you would notice by just looking at them, but I took my wedding ring off while travelling and it’s not coming back on for a while now. My feet had a bad episode of swelling while I was home for the holidays where some ice baths were needed, but they are back to normal now. I do think that I’m going to be going up a size in shoes. I guess that happens to some…

 Ice Bath

One thing is that I’m thirsty all the time, which is not a bad thing cause it keeps me hydrated and cool. Getting hot during the night is not the most comfortable feeling ever. So, I rather chug some water in the middle of the night and get up to pee, than to stay uncomfortable for a longer period of time while staying in bed.


The major random thing was travelling while pregnant at 33 and 34 weeks. I was prepared, so it wasn’t as bad as I expected, but the travel delays definitely did not help. With a note from my doctor and a copy of my medical record, I set off on day long travel days. I flew American Airlines, and nobody question my belly or ability to travel. I even got a congrats from a couple of AA employees. Drank lots of water and got up to walk the aisles a few times. Also, kept my legs moving while seated. Movement and hydration are key when travelling, especially while pregnant due to the higher blood clot risk. Swelling is also a factor. Both my hands and feet got swollen and my feet stayed swollen until I got back home, thinking it was probably the heat back home that didn’t help.

Travel time

Had my 33 week appointment before my travels to get the go ahead from my doctor. Everything went well. Baby movements and belly size are good to go, Baby’s heart rate was at 144 and my blood pressure was good.

Took baby belly to the beach for the first time as a big belly. We actually found out we were expecting on our trip to the British Virgin Islands, so technically the baby has been to the beach before. But this was definitely the first time as a moving, hearing big belly. I was also able to lay face down for the first time in a long long time which felt amazing. I dug a hole on the sand to accommodate the belly, and it was glorious. It’s the little things.

Laying down



Has to be the Baby Shower my family threw for me. The care, time and love they put into it was outstanding. I can’t thank them enough for being so great to me, showing Ryan and I so much love and for the excitement of being first tine aunts and grandparents. I’m truly blessed to have the best family ever.

Baby Shower

This weekend we’re trying to get the house back to normal after the holidays and having people over. The baby room is a mess and in need of some organization and cleaning. A couple loads of bay laundry are calling our name..

Beach belly

Hope you have a good weekend!

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