Busy Days, Relaxing Nights

Hello! Hopefully you’re having a good day, even if your working. We have the day off, so we’re using the time to catch up on housework. First thing I had to do, was take Boone to the vet to get some blood drawn and make sure his white blood cells are where they should be a week after his chemo pill. He seems just fine though.

Friday after work, was a day dedicated to hanging out with Boone. Ryan took the day off to go ice fishing, trying to take advantage of the time now before we get too busy with baby. Plus, he loves it. I treated myself to some ice cream with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Delish!

Friday Pick me Up

Once Ryan got back, Boone was a total goofball with him. After calming down for a bit, we finished watching Southpaw and went to bed. By the way, you can definitely ignore that we still have our Christmas tree in the living room, but it’s been too cold to take care of it, so don’t blame us.

Crazy Boone

Saturday, I got an early start to the day. I actually don’t mind because I’m a morning person and love to tackle the day from the beginning. I just feel so much more productive.

Saturday morning

I used up the rest of the gift certificate my little sister gave me to get a pedi, which was amazing with the massage chair on. Then, I treated myself to some coffee and got back to hang out with Boone all day. Not a bad way to start the day.

Pedi day

The rest of the day was spent doing some blogging prep and baby room prep. One more load of laundry.

Blogging prep

Lunch called for some quesadillas with guacamole. Which really was more like crushed avocado because I didn’t have all the ingredients to make guacamole. Still, it was delicious.

Quesadillas for lunch

After a while, it was time to put my little swollen feet up, they’ve been swelling every day now, and rest with some tea.

Tea rest

In the meantime, Boone just waited for Ryan to get back from his second ice fishing trip. I called it a night after the football game. I was tired!

Sad Boone

Sunday morning started with another craving I’ve been having, blueberries. I got some the other day at the store and filled these pancakes with them. They were delicious!


We did some housework, Ryan worked on the basement and gave Boone cuddles…

Boone's insane

…while I cleaned the house. Boone thinks cleaning is the most boring thing ever and falls asleep in whichever room I happen to be in. This time, he chose the dining room chairs.

Cleaning is boring

After cleaning up, we had a date afternoon/night. Went to watch The Revenant, which was pretty good even though not what I expected. A little less action I guess. Then, we had dinner at Applebee’s and stopped to pick up a couple of treats before heading home.


I got some Coldstone and Ryan got some beer. Why in the world would we get super cold stuff when the wind chill was 28 below, I’ don’t know. We’re special. Then we finished the night by starting How to Make a Murderer, which we’ll probably finish tonight.

Cold stuf for the cold

Today calls for some more blog and housework before relaxing for the night. Hope you have a great day!

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