House Rules Wood Sign

Got a great project for you today. It’s easy to personalize and is a great piece to add to your house decor. Ryan and I made it for my parents as a Christmas gift and they loved it. Bright colors and rustic wood, can’t go wrong with that!

House Rules Wood Sign

The first thing you need is to figure out what you want your sign to say. The most important part is to use phrases that are personal to you. In this case, the sayings in order are (English/Spanish):

  • In this house: we love each other / En esta casa: nos damos cariño
  • laugh about everything / nos reimos de todo
  • migle with friends / compartimos entre amigos
  • are loud and dance / alborotamos y bailamos
  • enjoy the little things / gozamos de lo lindo

House Rules Wood Sign phrases

For the support, you’ll need two pieces of 1×4 boards cut to 29.5 inches long. Ryan got a little fancy and trimmed some notches out to give the boards a little more dimensional interest. If you want to do these, he notches and inch off each board with the following measurements: from 0-3”, 6.5-18” and 21.5-29.5”. You’ll also need a horizontal board cut to 14.5”.

House Rules Wood Sign support

The horizontal boards where the house rules are painted on were cut to 18” (3), 20” (1) and 16” (1).

House Rules Wood Sign boards

Next, choose a color scheme. “Bright and happy” called for purple, yellow, green, orange and turquoise.

House Rules Wood Sign acrylics

Keeping with the rustic look, the boards were painted with a single coat of acrylic. The lighter the better so the grain of the wood shines through. If necessary, colors can be diluted with water to make them more transparent.

House Rules Wood Sign colors

Once you have your phrases chosen, you’ll want to make stencils of them. This is pretty easy to do with any word formatting software. Choose fun fonts! Print and cut the stencils to the dimensions of the boards.

House Rules Wood Sign printed stencil

Align each stencil and “etch” over it with a ball point pen or ball stylus tool.

House Rules Wood Sign etch

This will create a slight impression on the wood, making it easy to trace with a fine brush and acrylic paint.

House Rules Wood Sign paint words

Etch and paint all the boards and let dry completely. In addition, I added some designs on each board for extra interest.

House Rules Wood Sign detail

To assemble, screw in the horizontal brace with four screws, two on each side.

House Rules Wood Sign screws

This actually creates a shelf for decoration, such as a small house plant.

House Rules Wood Sign shelf

The front boards were screwed in with brass screws. These have a patina on them so they’ll eventually look rusty.

House Rules Wood Sign details

On the back, we placed a D-ring hanger on each of the brace boards for hanging.

House Rules Wood Sign hooks

Once it’s all screwed together, it should be ready to go to display in a favorite room.

House Rules Wood Sign how to

Hope you feel inspired to make your own! It’s was a really fun project to make and I’ll probably make one for myself.

You can even include some inside jokes on it!


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