Not Much Going On and Boone Update

Hello! So, this weekend was pretty uneventful, not that I mind. Ryan and I are staying close to home just in case baby decides to come any time soon. We’ve been working on some projects around the house, tackling small pre-baby tasks here and there and just hanging out.

While Ryan went ice fishing on Saturday, I spent the afternoon running some errands. It was fairly nice out on Saturday, so I used the time to take Boone out on a couple of walks. He definitely enjoys them. Also, he seems to be doing great. It’s been two weeks since his chemo pill and his attitude has been great. His still playing around and eating with a big appetite. No bad side affects so far. He sleeps a little more during the day, but I can’t really blame him for it, I would to. In a week, we’ll take him to the vet again to monitor his progress and administer the next pill. He’s been a champ.

Happy Dog Walking

I also caved and did some baking. I’ve been wanting to bake a good cake for a while now and have had this recipe for a walnut cake on Pinterest for too long. So, I finally decided to try it out. I did sub pecans instead of walnuts because it’s what I had on hand and it was delicious. Definitely took care of the craving.

Pecan Cake

The rest of the weekend was spent working on the basement. It’s almost done and I’m super excited about it. We finally got the trim done, but we I mean Ryan, and it’s about ready to decorate. It’s so much better down there now!

Basement Work

I also spent quite a bit of time crafting. Using the tie now while I have it.

Craft Sunday

And of course, all this with my faithful sidekick hanging out next to me at all times. He’s rarely alone and loves to hang out by my feet when I craft. I don’t mind the company either.

Relaxing with Boone

Pretty low key and uneventful weekend, but feels good to stay home and get some work done. Here’s to a good week!

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