Pregnancy Update: Weeks 37 & 38

One or two more weeks and we’ll be a family of four! Yes, Boone is definitely part of the family. The belly keeps growing and I can say that I am now starting to get uncomfortable. My available wardrobe is slowly diminishing, unless I want to have a nice breeze under my belly. The excitement over here is only ramping up though.

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Baby Size

It’s definitely running out of room. My belly keeps growing though, trying to give it more space. At my last appointment, the belly measured 38cm, right where it needs to be.  In week 37 the baby was as long as a swiss chard and as long as a leek by the following week. My weight gain so far has been 27 pounds, so staying right around that number.

WK 37Wk 38

Daily Activity

My usual yoga routine is getting sort of uncomfortable now with the larger belly, so I’ve been doing mostly random stretching here and there and taking Boone on walks. Thankfully, the weather turned a little nicer, so I’ve been able to be outside with Boone without freezing. Other than that, I’m still active around the house, although naps sounds amazing right after work.

Boone walks


There seems to be no end to this carpal tunnel. I’ve had a few restless nights and sometimes I’ve been waking up with the pain all the way to my elbow. Plus, now it lasts all day, not just nights like before. After doing some experimentation, this week had been a bit better. I’ve placed a small pillow on my left side for belly support, and a larger one beneath me on my right side, so I’m tilted over a bit. I’m basically sleeping in a wedge, but I wake up a lot less. I just can’t sleep on my side.

The feet swelling has been pretty minimal, but I do make it a point to lay down by 10pm since I’m on my feet so much at night. Which is also the time that baby decides to show his/her most vicious dance moves.

No contractions really, so nothing to report on the “body getting ready” part. Baby seems so be nice and cozy in there.

Yep, this is me wearing Ryan’s sweater at work. It was laundry day and I ran out of shirts that fit my belly…

Big clothes


As of my last appointment, no dilation yet. Baby is nice and healthy though, heart rate was right around 141 both times. This Tuesday she wanted to double check that baby was head down, so she did an ultrasound. It was awesome! Seeing the baby again and being able to pinpoint all the facial features, it’s pretty sweet and only added to our excitement. It was also making sucking movements with the lips which was pretty mesmerizing to watch.

We’re definitely running out of things to do for baby. We set up the camera, got some curtains for the baby room, have everything pretty much set up. It just needs to get here at some point.

Baby Room

I also used the second half of my spa certificate and got a pedi. The chair had a massage option, so I fully took advantage of that. It was super nice. Thanks again sis!

Pedi Day


Seeing the baby again, hands down was the best part of the past couple of weeks. Plus, Ryan made it to the appointment as well, so he was able to enjoy our baby’s face with me too. It’s pretty remarkable how this living thing is in my belly right now.

Haning out w Boone

Mom arrives into town this week in anticipation of her first grandkid, which I’m super excited about. So, once she gets here, it’s go time baby!

Hope you have a good weekend!

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