Greeting Card Series v2: Geometric Designs

Every year, I make a series of greeting cards to stock myself and be ready for any occasion coming up in the next following months. This year was no exception and I was able to design and make 12 different cards. I shared with you my first series of designs last year and even though some of the things stayed the same, I did switch some things out. For one, I decided to just buy the envelopes this year, mainly because I was skeptical on my timing (baby was coming soon) and I concentrated on making these cards with mainly just paper.

All installments of the series:

Greeting Card Series vol2

For the whole series, these are the materials you’ll need:

  • cardstock paper in various colors
  • white cardstock paper
  • scissors
  • ruler, I use a graph ruler
  • Xacto knife
  • rotary paper trimmer, such as the EK Success one
  • glue stick
  • alphabet stamps and ink
  • pencil
  • fine pen

Cutter Bee Cutter

I made my cards in sets of six, so some pictures show more materials than you need, just FYI.

For each design, there’s a few basic cuts you’ll need. The actual card will be 4.25”x5.5” (a 8.5”x5.5” piece folded in half) with the design on a piece of 4”x5.25” white cardstock.

White background

I have a few designs, so I’ll show you how I did them in a series of posts which I tried to divide by similar techniques.

Today, it’s all about geometric patterns. These are bold and striking. They’re also blank, so they’ll work for any occasion.

Geometric Design

There’s a triangle design and a rectangular design. I drew out my design to scale on a grid paper to help with card assembly.

Geometric Card Designs

First up, the triangle card starts with cutting the card and the white cardstock.

Triangle card

The color scheme is all purple and lilacs.

Triangle color scheme

Next, cut up the strips for the the triangles. These are 1 1/8” wide.

Triangle strips

Then, I marked the each strip at 1 1/8” intervals along one side and at the same intervals on the other side but starting at the halfway point (9/16”). Then, I just cut from one mark to the opposite one until I had all my necessary triangles.

Triangle cuts

I played around a bit with the colors until I found a scheme I liked.

Triangle designs

Using the ruler as a guide and sick glue, paste each triangle into place row by row. Start from the bottom and move up.

Triangle glue

Finally, glue the white cardstock to the purple paper. You can measure this and be precise or just eye it and center it, like I rather do.

Triangle cards

The rectangular design starts out the same way, cutting and preparing the card and white cardstock papers.

Rectangle card

I wanted a bright color scheme so I went with a bunch of yellows, greens and blues.

Rectangle color scheme

To know which cuts I needed to make next, I just lightly colored over the design with colored pencils.

Rectangle design

Then, cut everything up to size. I mainly use the rotary cutter for this to make sure they’re nice and square.

Rectangle cuts

For the assembly, I first pasted the corner pieces with the glue stick and using my graph ruler as a guide. Then, I moved on to the pieces along the edges until ending with inside pieces.

Rectangle glue

Once they’re all set, the white cardstock is ready to be glued to the blue card.

Rectangle cards















Simple as that! If I can work on these with the carpal tunnel I’ve been having, then you can too!

Have fun crafting!

Greeting Card Series

Greeting Card Series v1:

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