Greeting Card Series v2: Geometric and Text Design

For the Greeting Card Series this year I made 12 different designs. I concentrated on making these cards with mainly just paper as the design medium.

All installments of the series:

Greeting Card Series vol2

For the whole series, these are the materials you’ll need:

  • cardstock paper in various colors
  • white cardstock paper
  • scissors
  • ruler, I use a graph ruler
  • Xacto knife
  • rotary paper trimmer, such as the EK Success one
  • glue stick
  • alphabet stamps and ink
  • pencil
  • fine pen

Cutter Bee Cutter

I made my cards in sets of six, so some pictures show more materials than you need, just FYI.

For each design, there’s a few basic cuts you’ll need. The actual card will be 4.25”x5.5” (a 8.5”x5.5” piece folded in half) with the design on a piece of 4”x5.25” white cardstock.

White background

Today’s design concentrates on geometric shapes to frame the space and stamped text.

Geometric and Text Desgin

I drew out my design to scale on a grid paper to help with card assembly. The first one is the Triangle Happy Birthday Card.

Triangle HB design

First up, the card starts with cutting the card and the white cardstock.

Triangle HB card

The first thing I do, is to stamp in the text to have enough time to let it dry properly. With light pencil marks, draw guides to where the text should line up and end. For this one, I made a couple of lines to guide me horizontally and I started stamping from the right to the left. Once dry, carefully erase the pencil guides.

Triangle HB text

The stamps I use are about half and inch tall and the ink I used was the Memento brand in black.

Alphabet Letter and Ink

Next, cut up the strips for the the triangles, which are 1/2” wide. With a triangle guide cut out of cardboard, cut out all the necessary triangles for the card.

Triangle HB cutouts

Using the ruler as a guide and stick glue, paste each triangle into place, bottom row first. Cut out the excess triangle with a scissor right at the edge of the white cardstock.

Triangle HB triangles

Once completely dry, glue the white cardstock to the colored paper.

Triangle Happy Birthday card

The diamond design looks like this.

Diamond TY design

Start out by cutting and preparing the card and white cardstock papers.

Diamond TY card

As before, stamp the text first to allow for dry time. This time, my guide was vertical.

Diamond TY text

Cut out the strips for the diamonds (5/8”) and then use a guide to cut the diamonds.

Diamond TY cutouts

Use the graph ruler as a guide to paste the diamonds in place. You could draw small guides for these, but I decided to just eye-ball the alignment.

Diamond TY diamonds

Finally, glue the cardstock to the orange card.

Diamond Thank You Card

Have fun crafting!

Greeting Card Series

Greeting Card Series v1:


  1. These are so pretty, and they look professionally done! I love that they’re so much more special than your typical Hallmark cards. I haven’t really tried my hand at card making yet, but now I’m really tempted. You do great work!

    • Thank you! There’s so many ideas out there, it’s like making a tiny scrapbook page. Hope you give them a chance and enjoy the process!

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