Greeting Card Series v2: Floral Design

For the Greeting Card Series this year I made 12 different designs. I concentrated on making these cards with mainly just paper as the design medium.

All installments of the series:

Greeting Card Series vol2

For the whole series, these are the materials you’ll need:

  • cardstock paper in various colors
  • white cardstock paper
  • scissors
  • ruler, I use a graph ruler
  • Xacto knife
  • rotary paper trimmer, such as the EK Success one
  • glue stick
  • alphabet stamps and ink
  • pencil
  • fine pen

Cutter Bee Cutter

I made my cards in sets of six, so some pictures show more materials than you need, just FYI.

For each design, there’s a few basic cuts you’ll need. The actual card will be 4.25”x5.5” (a 8.5”x5.5” piece folded in half) with the design on a piece of 4”x5.25” white cardstock.

White background

Today’s designs are floral and use a variety of techniques to make them.

Floral Design

I drew out my design to scale on a grid paper to help with card assembly. The first one is the Thank You card.

Thank You design

First up, the card starts with cutting the card and the white cardstock.

Thank You card

With a very light pencil mark and a ruler, mark all your the guide lines where the text will go.

Thank You guide

With and ink and alphabet stamp set, carefully stamp the words ‘Thank You’ from the U to the T to make sure you have enough space for the whole phrase.

Thank You text

Next, cut out all the flower parts. I made guides with white cardstock to cut out the petals and labeled the order on the backside. The blue pollen pieces were cut with a one-hole punch.

Thank You cuts

Glue the petals and pollen with a glue stick. Finally, add a stem and leave with a fine tip pen.

Thank You glue and ink

Finally, glue the white cardstock to the card.

Thank You floral cards

The other design is the Thinking of You Card.

Thinking of You design

Start out by cutting and preparing the card and white cardstock papers.

Thinking of You card

To add the text, first draw light lines with a pencil to act as your guides.

Thinking of You guide

Carefully, stamp the words with black ink and an alphabet stamp set.

Thinking of You text

The second part of the design in this one is comprised of a series of gradating blocks with cutouts that make up a flower.

Thinking of You color scheme

Cut the necessary rectangles for the green blocks. Each one is 1.5” wide. The bottom one and top one are 1” tall, the middle one is 3/4” tall and the other two are 7/8” tall.

Thinking of You squares

Make a stencil and trace the flower outline to each corresponding piece. Then carefully cut out with a scissor or Xacto knife.

Thinking of You cuts

Glue each piece to the white cardstock using a ruler as a guide so they’re all straight.

Thinking of You glue

Finally, glue the white cardstock to the purple card.

Thinking of You floral cards

Have fun crafting!

Greeting Card Series

Greeting Card Series v1:

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