Hospital Bag for Delivery

As a planner, I always make sure that I never leave anything behind when I leave the house for any period of time. Inevitably, I tend to over pack. Preparing for my hospital stay for Olivia’s delivery was no different. I started making a list well before my due date and my bag was mostly packed by week 36. Needless to say, I ended up adding more items as the weeks went by and had way more stuff than I needed. But so we learn. Here’s a few of the things I packed and the items that proved to be useful as well as what ended up being unnecessary.

Hospital bag clothes

Items for mom

Of course, I packed clothes. I had a couple of pajama sets, yoga pants, nursing tanks, nursing bras, underwear, socks, slippers, sweater, robe and going home outfit. To be honest, I didn’t use half of the things I took with me. For most of my stay, I lived in the hospital provided gowns. After delivery, you can change to your regular clothes, but I was so comfortable in the gowns and it was so easy to move around, go to the bathroom and breastfeed, that I didn’t change into my own clothes until the last night. I did use my robe in conjunction with the hospital gowns and lived in my slippers. No need for undies either. The hospital provided me with mesh undies and pads, and gave me some to take home with me for that first week home. As far as pants go, although you could probably fit into your yoga pants, I found that baggy sweats was the go to go. I wasn’t trying to impress anybody with my fashion choices, being comfortable was way more important than anything. Plus, your going to be lounging around most of the time. Toiletries, make sure you pack them!

Hospital bag baby

Items for baby

Other than a going home outfit, you really don’t need anything else for baby. I packed a couple of outfits, a boy and a girl one, a blanket, some diapers and wipes. Truly, I didn’t need much of it. The hospital provided us with all the diapers and wipes we needed, blankets for baby, hats and outfits. They even sent us home with the open package of wipes and diapers. The blanket’s main purpose was to get Boone to smell the baby before going home, but we were able to bring the blanket provided by the hospital for this. So no need for it. You DO need a car seat for the going home trip and weather appropriate clothing (a onesie, hats and socks since it was winter, as well as a car seat cover and blanket).

Hospital bag papers


I packed some magazines and reading material to spend the time, but with the company I had, I never needed them. Plus, the hospital provided us with so much reading material, that what I brought was unnecessary. If you do have guests over they might want to consider bringing something though. I was concentrated on the delivery and then recovery, that lying in bed watching TV mindlessly was OK with me. Also, I used my phone a lot, a charger is a must. Another thing to not forget is either cash or a checkbook for registry/certificate purposes.

Hospital husband gift

A gift for dad

This would definitely have been better if I had given it to him as soon as we got to the hospital, but with my pregnancy brain I completely forgot. The point was to give Ryan something special, since most of the attention during delivery would be towards me. I put together a bag with a daddy related baby book and outfit, some snacks and reading material. Next time I’ll remember to hand it over earlier.

Talking about snacks, pack some. We never needed them, but our hospital had a great cafeteria for us and a mini fridge where I was able to store some food for a post birth meal. I wasn’t able to eat much during labor and the cafeteria was still closed when I had Olivia and was ready to eat again, so the pizza and yogurt I had stored in the mini fridge from the previous night’s dinner was a life saver.

Next time I’ll remember that the less you pack, the better.

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