Low Key Weekend

So, this weekend came and went. Not too much going on around here other than taking care of our sweet little girl.

Friday, it was her one month birthday, so we celebrated by putting her through a quick photo shoot haha. Poor kid! She actually did great though. She’s been a lot more awake and active during the day, and it just happened to be during one of those moments, so she was quite happy during it.


We also had some errands to run, so met up with Ryan for lunch.

lunch date

Saturday was kinda of a rainy day, so we stayed in most of the time. We did make it out for a quick walk though.

cupcake butt

For dinner, I made some corned beef. It has to be done around St Patrick’s Day when everything goes on sale. So good! Plus, we can make reubens with the leftovers.

irish dinner

Sunday turned out to be rainy as well, so I decided to use the morning to catch up on some blog stuff. Olivia is a pretty good napper during the day, so it’s nice to have that time. Once afternoon hits, it’s all hands on deck for her.


The rest of Sunday was spent feeding and changing Olivia, chatting with family and just hanging out.

Here’s to a good week!

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