Sewn Gift Bag

Since my sisters and mom were staying with me for some time to help with the new baby, I wanted to give them a little something to say thanks for the their help and for taking time off to come visit us. I decided to make them a small gift bag with a few small items they would enjoy. The gift bags I made myself and then I filled them with some tea, chocolate, note cards, a pen, a small candle and some awesome smelling antibacterial hand gel. I’m pretty sure they were a hit!

Thank You Gift Bags

To make the bags, I decided to go with a neutral fabric for the outside and a patterned fabric on the inside, although the bags can be reversible. The materials needed are:

  • (2) 6×8” fabric pieces for the outside
  • (2) 6×8” fabric pieces for the inside
  • (2) 6×2” strips for the casings
  • (1) 20” long piece of cord
  • iron
  • sewing supplies

Gift Bags materials

The first part is making the casing where the cord will run through. Fold and pin each short edge 1/4” twice. Press to make marks.

Gift Bags casing side fold

Follow by stitching both sides along the inner folded edge.

Gift Bags casing stitch

Finally, fold in half and press.

Gift Bags casing press

The next step is to attach the casing to the inside and outside fabric pieces. Place one casing along the top edge of the interior fabric, on the right side, and pin.

Gift Bags pin casing

Sew the top with a 1/8” seam allowance. Do this on both pieces of interior fabric.

Gift Bags sew casing

Line the outside fabric with the inside fabric sandwiching the casing in between. Sew with a 1/4” seam allowance.

Gift Bags line inside and outside

Open and press so the casing lies flat on the inside fabric. Stitch along the outside panel with a 1/8” seam allowance.

Gift Bags press bag

Next, we finish sewing the bag. Line both pieces right sides facing each other and pin. Make sure to line up where the fabrics meet at the opening. Gift Bags line sides

Sew all along the outside edges with a 1/4” seam allowance. Start at the bottom of the inside panels and go all around the edges, leaving a 4” opening at the bottom of the inside panels.

Gift Bags sew edges

Turn bag inside out through opening.

Gift Bags inside out

Fold the inside fabric in and sew closed. Push the lining into the outside fabric to make bag.

Gift Bags sew inside shut

The final step? Thread the cord through the casings to be able to close the bag shut. In addition, I used a lighter to heat the ends of the cord so it wouldn’t unravel.

Gift Bags cord

Fill up with a few goodies and done! I must admit, I love giving gifts that are a bunch of small little things. They’re fun to shop for!

Sew you own Gift Bags

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