We’re in the Sweet 16! and Update on Boone

Hello! It looks like this week will be quite interesting weather wise. From high of 50s in the weekend, to a low of 27 today and the possibility of a few inches of rain and then snow later in the week, I might go through a whole wardrobe swing from beginning to end. Hopefully though, the snow won’t affect us too much so we can travel in the weekend for Easter and visit Ryan’s family. We’ve never enjoyed driving in snowy roads, and with a newborn we won’t even think about it.

This past weekend was quite mild though, so we were able to enjoy it. That’s when we did make it out, since we watched more basketball this weekend than we do year round. Iowa had three teams in the tournament and ISU made it to the Sweet 16. Let’s see how far we go! Friday we just stayed in and hung out all night. I gave Ryan baby duty because she did not want to be left alone all day and I needed to rest my arms a bit.


Saturday, Ryan went fishing in the morning, so Olivia and I did a bit of shopping and got groceries. I also got to do a lot of cleaning during her morning naps. Feels so good to have a clean house again. The rest of the day was spent hanging out and watching basketball, which was fine by me. 

Little Lady

Sunday, somebody woke up all smiles, mostly because she was working on a dirty diaper. But still, I don’t mind it as long as it comes with those smiles.

AM Smiles

In the afternoon, we headed to New Bo to get out of the house and walk around for a bit.

New Bo

Had some lunch at Parlor City. Our first meal out with the baby. Which will be in the afternoon for a while because she can’t seem to get comfortable around dinner time. No problem at all with an afternoon beer though!

Parlor City

Before heading back home, we picked up a couple of treats and watched some more basketball. BTW, the lemon cupcake from That Cupcake Place is amazing!


Then, it was bedtime and off to a new week.

Boone update: He’s been doing pretty well considering. As far as his energy and character, nothing has changed. He is still the playful, cuddly, attention hog he’s always been. We’re on dose 4 or 5 of the chemo now, which so far seems to be working well. They have had to lower it every time because it does take a toll on his white blood cell counts. So, he’s on antibiotics for a week after the dose is given to him. He’s also on a medicine that helps with liver function because his enzyme levels there are too high for comfort. We don’t know if it’s a reaction to the chemo or if the cancer has spread to the liver, but the treatment wouldn’t be any different either way, so until it gets too dangerous, then we’ll let it be. He’s also losing a ton of hair. He won’t go bald, like humans do, but his coat is thinning constantly, which doesn’t matter to him, but I have to keep picking up hair balls all over the house. He also hates the three days following his chemo dose because I have to keep him away from Olivia and since I’m with Olivia all the time, I have to keep him away from me as well. He doesn’t like being ignored at all. Afterwards, he’s just fine and forgives me. We take it week by week, dose by dose, monitoring how he’s doing and progressing. So far, it’s been good.

Have a good week!

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