Easter Weekend

Hello! Running a bit late again but we needed to catch up on sleep over here. Early mornings and a three hour car ride with a newborn will do that. This weekend, we headed to Pocahontas to spend some time wit Ryan’s family and celebrate Easter. It was definitely a great weekend.

Although, it didn’t start out so great. Olivia and I put on our ISU gear to cheer them on their Sweet 16 game, which they ended up losing. We tried our best though.

ISU Sweet 16 w O

Then, very early on Saturday we got on the road. We made one stop for gas and I took the opportunity to feed Olivia. So, she was good to go when we got there. She did great during the trip and slept most of the time. I’m sure that’ll change in the coming months.


For the celebration, Olivia wore the bunny outfit Titi Tania got her when she visited. Plus, her head is now big enough to hold bows! She looks too cute!!

easter best

Once the family was over, the first takers were the great grandparents. Both were pretty excited to finally meet her.

   OMA w greatgrandpas 

The rest of the day was spent eating some great food, catching up with family and eating all the candy. Once again, it was nice to see everybody and hang out. We also got to visit our good friends Max and Kayla and their babies. Olivia looks so tiny next to their four month old!

 Easter Saturday 

Olivia, of course, got Easter baskets on Sunday. One from the grandparets with books, toys and CDs and one from us with clothes, toys and some baby gear.

goodie basket

We went to church early and Olivia made it all the way through the service, but the car ride back to the house wasn’t so successful. She was ready to eat! On the way back home, we fueled on some Easter candy to make it all the way through.

Choco bunny

Olivia was a goofball for the rest of the night.


Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

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