Tie Dye Sugar Cookies

I often marvel at the talent of some cookie decorators. I can spend hours on Instagram looking at the elaborate designs of some artists out there. I’ve only tried to decorate cookies a couple of times (bachelorette party and baby shower) and my results haven’t been too bad. They do take a lot of time to create though, and with baby time is a luxury. I still wanted to bring some cookies to the family Easter so I tried a technique I saw recently, I think in a Living magazine article. These Tie Dye Sugar Cookies were easy to make and fast to decorate. I’m looking forward to making them once again.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookies

It all starts with the sugar cookie and my favorite recipe comes from Sweet Sugar Belle. I’ve used this recipe a few times and love it. I also follow her advice for types of icing to use. Once the cookies are baked and cooled, the first step is to pipe a line of icing all around the edge. The piping icing used for this is pretty thick and hardens pretty quickly.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookies piping

Once those are done and cooled, it’s time for some flood icing. This icing is very liquid and takes some time to dry. It was my first time using this kind of icing and I must say that it was less intimidating than it should’ve been.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookies flood icing

Then, with some more piping icing, color it using icing coloring. Make sure the coloring you use doesn’t have any oils or it might change the icing consistency.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookies color icing

Dab a scrunched up paper towel on the icing and then on the cookies. Make sure the flood icing is completely set.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookies paper towel dab

There’s no need to be clean or precise with this technique, just dab away. I made my first layer in three different colors.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookies layer 1 colors

This technique leaves a pointy texture on the icing and looks quite fancy all by itself.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookies texture

If you want through, you can definitely add another layer of color. Just wait for the first layer to dry and then repeat the technique with a contrasting color.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookies layer 2

These would be great for team sports or birthdays.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookies color combo

They look good, taste good and were decorated in no time at all.

Tie Dye Sugar Cookie

Now I want some more…

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