Great Grandpa Visit

Miss Olivia is officially two months old today! I haven’t taken her picture yet, so I’ll share it a bit later. In the afternoon, we’re heading to the pediatrician for her checkup and shots. Hopefully, it’ll go smoothly.

She was in a pretty good mood during the weekend up until last night. She cried and cried and we couldn’t call her down. Ryan and I played hot potato with her until exhaustion finally set in and she fell asleep. At least I got some good times with her earlier in the weekend.

Muecas con OMA

I did a bit of five-minute redecorating. This spider plant was driving me insane right on the table, so with the help of a little crate, problem solved. Now it can hang and display it’s full potential.


Saturday afternoon, Great Grandpa Don and Dixie stopped by. We chatted for a few hours  while Olivia received lots of cuddles from them.

GGP visit

Sunday morning, Ryan took over baby duty, so I was able to work on some crafts, which was nice.


Later in the afternoon, he went fishing, so the baby and I stayed in, napped and watched some Masters. The day was pretty gray, so lounging around felt quite alright with me.

Masters OMA

Have you seen those personalized kids’ books? Well, mom had one made for each of us when we were little and I still have mine. So, I read the mermaid story to Olivia and she loved it.

La sirenita 

Finally, a quick update on Boone. Unfortunately, his last chemo treatment was too weak to work, but still strong enough to lower his white blood cell counts. So, we changed him to Prednisone only. This is a daily steroid which will keep the cancer at bay, until it doesn’t anymore. He reacted so negatively to the intravenous chemo, that we didn’t want to go there again. Even though it wasn’t an easy decision, it’s at least going to make him feel alright for a while. He’s still his cuddly, protective self.

Boone y OMA 
Hope you have a good week!

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