Painted Canvas Cutout Art

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week has been going good so far and that the rest is even better. If you need a pick me up, just grab a couple of paint brushes and start creating! Painting is one of those crafting hobbies that is really relaxing for me because you don’t have to do a lot of thinking. You kinda just go with the flow. If you want to get a little more complex, try out these painted canvas cutouts. I created them for Olivia’s room, although they still haven’t been hung up, still finalizing artwork for her room. Anyways, they are fun, minimalistic and look pretty cool.

DIY Painted Canvas Cutout Art

All you need is a blank canvas, utility knife and some paint. That’s it. I actually used old canvases that I just primed with white paint. Good as new! For the design, you want to make sure that it’s simple and that there are a lot of breaks in it to keep as much of the canvas fabric in one piece. I made a coral and a jellyfish one. Again, keeping with the nautical theme of her nursery.

Painted Canvas Cutout Art design

You want to transfer your design to the back of the canvas by rubbing the back of the design with a pencil, transferring the drawing over. Then, with an Xacto knife or small scissors, carefully cut out the design through the back of the canvas. This might take some time to be very precise and not tear the fabric.

Painted Canvas Cutout Art  cut

Once that is done, move to painting. Use your acrylic of choice to paint the entire piece. I also painted the back along the cutouts to completely cover the holes.

Painted Canvas Cutout Art paint

Once dry, your piece will create a 3D looking design with the spacing between the canvas and the wall. Some warping might occur, but it just adds to the effect in this case.

Coral Painted Canvas Cutout Art

The jellyfish design had less cutouts, so less warping occurred. The ombre paint job gives it a nice sense of movement and depth.

Jellyfish Painted Canvas Cutout Art

In just three easy steps, you can create some fun and quirky outwork.

Painted Canvas Cutouts

Happy crafting!

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