Last Maternity Leave Weekend

Hello! Well it’s my first Monday back at work. I’ll have to let you know how my week went later… This last Maternity Leave weekend went by super fast though. It was all about getting everything ready for the weekend ahead.

Friday, we just hung out and watched TV. Olivia got up at 4:30 to eat and was wide awake after that, so that’s when our Saturday started. I decided to grace my family with some of my early morning snap work. After being up for a while, we all took a nice nap.

snap fish

After some breakfast, we spent most of the day prepping Olivia’s items for daycare, doing laundry, fixing/stopping floor creaks and general cleaning. Then, we got all pretty and headed out to a reception for my college roommate’s wedding. They got married last Fall in Chicago, but had a Spring reception closer to his hometown. It was great seeing them again and her meeting Olivia for the first time. Plus, it was a good excuse for me to get a little dressed up after weeks of yoga pants and sweaters.

LD reception

Once back home, it was back to relaxing and watching TV. We don’t do too much at night mainly because Olivia demands all our attention. She loves to fight sleep and wants to be held when she finally does go to sleep. Oh well!

wine friday

Sunday morning, we headed out to Donutland. As the name suggest, we had some coffee and donuts. It was really good and at great prices. We will definitely visit again. I love finding new local spots…


Then, we visited about every hardware store around. Olivia had to feed during this time, so I gave her a bottle. She actually took it very well. She does good with bottles as long as she is not starving already. Saturday night, we went past a little and there’s no way she was taking the bottle, so I finally caved and nursed her. Sunday though, bottle feeding was a success, which makes me so much more at ease for daycare.

errands OMA 

The rest of Sunday was spent meal prepping for the week. I wanted to be ready to spend as much time as possible with Olivia at night, so I got a bunch of food ready for the week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it up in the upcoming weeks.

meal prep

Back to TV watching and resting. Definitely enjoying the cuddles before drop-off. Wish me luck!

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