My First Mother’s Day

Well what a great weekend! I was blessed to spend this whole weekend with my family. Having Olivia back for a couple whole days was amazing and it’s going to make Monday’s drop off just a little bit harder. I got plenty of cuddles with my little baby, which made Mother’s Day weekend even that more special. Thank you for everyone who sent me well wishes and love this day. It’s been an honor being a mom, specially to such a sweet baby.

Mommy and OMA

Friday, Ryan and I went out for lunch to Jimmy Johns, my favorite sandwich shop. It was a nice little break from work and got me looking forward to a relaxing weekend. The end of the day couldn’t come soon enough.

Jimmy date

Finally, it was time to pick up my baby from her first week at daycare. There was a nice present waiting for me. One of her caretakers made a foot impression and decorated it with her name and year. It was a great gift and made me feel a bit better about this childcare center. Now, it was time to spend my whole weekend with Olivia.

OMAs gift

I had another present waiting for me at home from my little sister and her boyfriend. Olivia got some outfits, including a mommy and me one. So Cute! Later at night, we stopped over at a coworker’s house to hang out for a bit. It was super late, so I decided to take Olivia in the Ergobaby carrier. It was the best decision because she was able to stay asleep the whole time and we kept each other warm. Once we made it back home, it was bedtime.

Mother Daughter Outfit

Saturday started like any other day, eating, feeding Olivia, taking care of Boone, getting groceries, cleaning, etc. At one point Ryan left to get the work truck, we had to finish cleaning up the yard, and he came back with my Mother’s Day present, a Gladiator Crabapple tree. I had wanted a flowering tree for our front yard, and I finally had it! He spent some time getting it planted while I hung out outside with Olivia.

Gladiator Crabapple

Boone got to play as well and helped Ryan with the hole. Unfortunately, our poor puppy isn’t doing that well, so we’re pretty much just letting him do whatever he wants.

Digging a hole

Later, Ryan’s cousin, wife and kid came over and we hung out for the rest of the night, doing some grilling for dinner. It was fun to see how Olivia paid attention to everything their almost 2-year old was doing. Some day, they’ll get to hang out and play together.

Sunday, we had a big breakfast at home. Ryan asked what I wanted and I requested French toast. We accompanied that with bacon, hash browns, strawberries and coffee. Delish!

MD breakfast

Later in the day, I put Olivia in the carrier again and we set off to get some plants from Earl May. We got a few annuals for the front beds.

Earl May

I worked on my garden bit and planted the flowers out front. Let’s see how they do!


Also, Olivia and I got to FaceTime with my mom for a bit to congratulate her as well. Ryan also talked with his mom and Olivia.

FaceTime w mom

I also got a present from one of my aunts this weekend. More cute outfits for Olivia and I. Thanks!

whale gift

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the week ahead and spending time with my baby. My Mother’s Day present to myself was taking her to bed with me Sunday morning to cuddle, it was perfect.

OMA cuddles

To every mom out there, hope you had a wonderful day!

OMA mothers day

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