Olivia’s Three Month Update

Oh my how she’s growing! She might not seem that much bigger, but this month has been full of developmental changes. She is making so many noises and experimenting with her laugh, more often than not it comes out as a cough. She is definitely becoming more independent and more in tune with her surroundings. One thing is for sure, she is one happy little sweetie.



She’s feeding quite well and taking the bottle at daycare without a problem. during the day, she still eats about every three hours, and every 4-5 hours during the night. She’s actually drinking about 5oz with every bottle feeding. You can say that I’m having a hard time keeping up, but working on getting my supply up. Lactation consultants are the best! She only bottle feeds at daycare and I nurse her the rest of the time. Even though it’s hard to get up at night sometimes, I do appreciate the time we can spend together.

Mommy Love OMA


We have a crib sleeper! It was a bit of a task to get her to stay asleep, but eventually we got it. Now with daycare, she comes home so tired that she goes to bed without a problem. We still swaddle her sometimes, but moving away from that since she’s going to start rolling over pretty soon. Takes about two naps at daycare and sleeps pretty much from 7pm to 5am the next day, with feeding breaks. She also sometimes sleeps after her first feeding of the day in the morning. Or has some awake moments after a quick 7pm nap. I’m tempted to try to get her to sleep through the night, but will try in the weekends because I don’t want to mess her morning feeding during the weekday. We’ll see what happens!

Sleepy OMA

Awake Time

When she’s awake, she is truly awake and staring at everything and anything that moves. She still loves being sang to and to have all eyes on her. Her bored face changes into a smile as soon as you lock eyes with her and smile. She’s starting to sit properly, with some support of course, until she gets to tired and can’t hold her head up anymore. Starting to grab anything that’s in her reach and spends most of the time with her hands in her mouth. Slobber monster. She’s also super vocal now and likes to amuse herself with new sounds. Although we don’t get too much awake time with her anymore, due to being back at work, we do cherish every single second with her.

OMA Toys 


Physically, I’m doing great. I’m completely healed and have no energy problems. My focus right now is on milk production, keeping my calorie and water intake at a good level to keep my milk supply up. Mentally, I’ve had better days. Having to take her to childcare has really taken a toll on me and I have difficulty coping with the fact that I only see her a couple of hours a day during the week. I hope that eventually this feeling will go away, but I hardly doubt it. I do love the place we take her to and the caretakers there, but nobody can take care of her as well as Ryan or I would. Balancing the time at home between housework and Olivia is still a task I have yet to master.

OMA and I 


Loving bath time now. As long as the temperature is warm, she is a happy camper. Plus, it’s her time to bond with Dad.

We’re finally able to play with toys with her as she slowly learns to grab them and follow their noises.

Olivia definitely brightens up our day and has made this little family whole.  A quarter of the first year has passed and I can’t wait to see what the rest holds for us.

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