Ups and Downs

This was a tough weekend indeed and it’ll still be tough for a while. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our best friend, Boone. He lost his battle with lymphoma in just five months. Even though he was taken from us too soon, we cherished every single moment with him. We’ll miss his company in car rides, being right by our side whenever we did anything in the kitchen, his uncanny ability to get in the way when doing anything just so we would pay attention to him, his cuddles and desire to cuddle, his clumsiness, how he would rather be by our side in any situation (we could literally leave him outside and he would wait by the door to come back in instead of running away), how he was most happy in the water, his smile. He was a very respectful dog and incredibly selfish with his toys. Definitely lived to make us happy every day. He was in our thoughts this whole weekend.

Friday, we went home early to say our goodbyes to him and spend his last hours together. Afterwards, We just relaxed for the rest of the night.

Boone love

Ryan also got some beer for us to sample. Since I’m a lightweight still, I only had half a beer, but it was delicious. We tried Goose Island’s Four Star Pilsner.

Beer Friday

Saturday morning was all about cleanup. Ryan tackled the garage which was a mess and I took care of the house and Boone’s items. I had The Lion King playing while we did so and it was great. Olivia will learn to love Disney’s best movie decade, the 90s.

Lion King

Ryan’s parents then came over for a visit. They hung out with us for a while and we went out for lunch. They spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Olivia until it was time to head back. You could tell that they loved every second of it. It’s also great that she’s starting to interact more. She loves attention.

OMA grandparents

While Ryan mowed the lawn in the evening, I took care of baby duty. She was quite fuzzy in the evening, maybe too much excitement during the day and it took a while to get her to fall asleep. Then, Ryan and I kept watching True Detective. That series is pretty good.

OMA mommy and me

Sunday was spent relaxing, meal prepping and playing with Olivia. Ryan loves holding her up so she can exercise her muscles. I think she looks to big and needs to hold on a bit on the growing part.

OMA squats

Throughout the whole weekend, we never stopped noticing Boone’s absence making sure we wouldn’t step on him when getting out of bed, not having him waiting for us when it’s time to go to bed, not having him beg for lettuce when we’re making a sandwich, not having him by my feet when I nurse, not having him open the door and wait for you while you shower, not having to take him outside and play for a while, not having his warmth at our feet when we lay down to watch TV, not having him bark at the mail carrier having him pay attention to every single thing Olivia does, not having him to share our day with. He truly was the best and will be missed, but most importantly loved.

Have a good week and hug your dog today and everyday.

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